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Get all the planning advice and tips you’ll need to plan your perfect wedding! Articles cover topics including wedding vows, invitation layouts and printing, toasts, order of service, budget planner, civil celebrants and much more.

10 bridesmaid duties you need to know

If your friend asks you to be a part of her wedding as a bridesmaid, consider it a huge honour. As a bridesmaid or maid of honour, aside from having a ball, you are obligated to help the bride with […]

What wedding guests secretly want from you

Let us share a little secret with you. Some of the things that you agonise over – like the nail-bitingly frustrating reception seating plan – aren’t entirely necessary. For example, guests would rather be allocated a table and then choose […]

Is it ok for a wedding guest to wear white?

Every so often, in dark corners of wedding forums and in whispers at hen parties, this long-asked question pops up. Perhaps right now is a good time to ask it, after all, in a time of non-traditional brides, same-sex weddings, […]

Should I do my own wedding makeup?

Makeup is a hugely personal part of our overall look and finding our best face is a constant balancing act for many women. Whether you are good to go with a dab of tinted moisturiser and lip balm or you’re […]

Best man speech etiquette you need to know

You’ve helped your best mate through the pre-wedding nerves, remembered the rings, and channeled your most epic Blue Steel for the wedding photographer. Now, it’s time to deliver the best man speech. Cue sweaty palms and shaky hands… but even […]

Why your dude needs a dudoir shoot

Boudoir? While posing naked in front of a photographer isn’t exactly my thing – maybe it’s yours! Or better yet – maybe it’s your fiance’s thing! Get a little cheeky with a ‘DUDoir’ shoot! Check out this bearded lumberjack that’ll start […]

Through the lens: 3 wedding videographers in London

While photography is essential to your special day, still photos don’t truly capture the atmosphere and emotion that makes a wedding. To capture the special moments you’ll cherish til the end of time, here’s our three favourite wedding videographers in […]

Wedding cakes in Kent (with zest)

While the wedding cake is an important element to most weddings, couples can start to feel bogged down with all the tastings, tier choice, and various intricate designs to look over. To help take the stress out of choosing, we’ve compiled […]

A guide to wedding guest etiquette

Wedding guest etiquette can be difficult to get a grip on. A mixture of old traditions, new ideas, and the individual beliefs can make for a shifting etiquette landscape that changes from wedding to wedding. All this makes for some tough choices when it comes to what to wear, what to give, and how to behave at your next event. Luckily there are a few general rules that can make for an easier etiquette ride. When in doubt, though, don’t feel embarrassed about contacting the bride or groom. A discreet conversation on a murky point ahead of time is always much easier than red faces on the day. Find our take on modern wedding etiquette below.

5 London wedding venues for a bloody good time

We here at Easy Weddings understand it can be difficult to choose a wedding venue to host your special day. However, worry not! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite London wedding venues to help take the stress out of […]

Booking wedding suppliers: what you need to know

Planning a wedding is a mammoth task, likely much larger than anything you have taken on event wise before and understanding how to budget and arrange suppliers can be a minefield. One big question for many brides to be is […]

Everything you need to know about writing wedding vows

Your wedding is one of the few opportunities you have to publically declare your feelings for your partner. It’s no surprise then that for many couple identikit vows just aren’t going to cut it and they choose to write their […]

The ins and outs of flower girls and page boys

The ins and outs of how to recruit flower girls and page boys, and keep them on track at your wedding.

How to arrange a hen party on a budget

We’ve all had those emails. Those cheery and well-meaning communications from a chief bridesmaid who has organised a fun-filled weekend in an exotic location, all with a price tag that would just about cover your rent. Feeling priced out of […]

8 ways to personalise your wedding

Why not personalise your wedding? It’s a key part of creating a day that matters to your both. The key to getting personalisation right is finding something that matters to you both and concentrating on a small number of details […]

3 wedding cake suppliers in London you’ll adore

We here at Easy Weddings know it can be difficult to decide on a wedding cake supplier. However, worry not! We've compiled a list of our favourite London wedding cake suppliers to take the stress out of your decision.

Digital Weddings – using technology to enhance your day

Your wedding should reflect who you are. If you’re a couple obsessed with the next big thing, open the door on technology and let a little digital fairy dust in on your day.

10 edible wedding favours your guests will love

You can make your wedding favours a crowd pleaser! Check out the ideas below, for edible wedding favours your guests will love.

Outfit ideas for non traditional brides

Don’t worry, there are plenty of options out there and you get to choose what wedding style means to you. Here are some gorgeous non traditional brides!

6 movie themed wedding ideas

Add some movie magic to your day by picking a playful cinematic theme that adds to your glamour factor. Here's 6 movie themed wedding ideas for inspiration.

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