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Get all the planning advice and tips you’ll need to plan your perfect wedding! Articles cover topics including wedding vows, invitation layouts and printing, toasts, order of service, budget planner, civil celebrants and much more.

How to spruce up your intimate wedding

Although the definition of what constitutes a intimate wedding is up for debate, what is certain is that having a more private affair opens up a world of opportunities that simply aren’t possible when you are planning for lots of guests. […]

10 reasons to start a wedding website

We spend a huge chunk of our lives online and when you are planning a wedding, you’re likely to spend even more time glued to the screen. It makes sense, then, to put together a website that is all about […]

6 must-see wedding trends for summer 2017

With wedding season in full swing it’s time to take a closer look at the trends taking this summer by storm. Whether you’re in the midst of final wedding planning or you recently said ‘Yes!’ getting a handle on what’s […]

Why to consider a weekday wedding

I have heard a weekday wedding referred to as a mythical unicorn – everyone knows about them, but no one has ever seen one. While the vast majority of weddings continue to be held on Saturdays or Sundays, more couples […]

No ring, no bring: the latest rule for +1’s

There is always an element of risk involved when you decide to extend an invitation to the person your friend or family member is dating. Will they stand the test of time and arrive as a couple? Or will you […]

No RSVP, no address: how to make sure your guests RSVP

They are out there – people who are invited to events, don’t let you know they are coming, and then turn up on the day expecting the welcome mat to be rolled out. Sadly, weddings are not immune to this […]

Your day in HQ: 5 favourites in Kent wedding photography

We here at Easy Weddings understand it can be difficult to find the right photographer to capture all the little special moments of the day. Luckily for you, we’ve taken the stress out of choosing! Here’s a list of our favourites in Kent […]

4 London wedding photographers to capture your day

Searching for a five star wedding photographer to capture your day, but don’t know where to start? Here’s our favourite (top rating) London wedding photographers to kick you off. JK Photography See reviews Priding themselves on being the ultimate storytellers, […]

Why not to invite your mum to your hen do (NSFM)

** NSFM – Not Safe For Mums. I don’t know about you, but my mum sees me as a Disney pyjama clad, fluffy slipper wearing CHILD who tucks herself into bed beside her sloth teddy at 9:00pm sharp. While this is 100% true, what […]

A groom’s guide to wedding formalwear

While it’s true that the bride gets a great deal more attention paid to her outfit – and rightly so – the groom must do his best to look his best, too. But what he wears depends on a number […]

How to make the most of your intimate wedding

Can’t scrape together 200 family and friends? Or perhaps you simply don’t feel like paying for such a large wedding? Fear not! Intimate weddings can be just as beautiful and memorable as large extravagant weddings — and without the price […]

If the shoe fits: how to choose your bridal shoes

Your wedding shoes are one of your most vital wedding accessories. That special extra something that can elevate your look from great to amazing. They are also an accessory it is easy to fall in lust with and splurge on […]

Why you need a wedding planner

What do you imagine when you think of wedding planners? Is it the overbearing Frank from Father of the Bride – or a seriously uptight Jennifer Lopez trying not to swoon over Matthew McConaughey? In real life, wedding planners are […]

8 ways to incorporate DIY wedding ideas

DIY weddings are having their moment in the spotlight with bohemian, rustic, and vintage themes creating the perfect backdrop for a few personal touches. That’s before we even get into the positive effect a bit of elbow grease and creativity […]

What you need to know about handfasting

Handfasting is an ancient marriage ritual that is becoming increasingly popular with modern couples. The ceremony involves a couple’s hands being placed together and bound with ribbon or cord. This symbolises their joining through marriage, and the ritual is often […]

Gypsophila alternatives for your wedding flowers

Gypsophila has a habit of sneaking into every single wedding. Think of all the weddings you have attended. You won’t have noticed it, you won’t really have thought about it, but it will have been there. On the tables, in […]

Are you a bridezilla or a bridechilla?

Does your blood boil at the sight of wedding favours, or do you find yourself ambling around wedding dress boutiques thinking: I can just wear something I already have. What we’re really asking is: are you a bridezilla or a […]

How to pull off mismatched bridesmaid dresses

The rise of mismatched bridesmaid dresses has bridesmaids across the UK buzzing. They no longer have to live in a world where everyone shares the same dress regardless of shape, skin tone or style preference. They may even be able to […]

Bridal headpieces for the alternative bride

If the phrase ‘princess for the day’ makes your stomach flip (and not in a good way) you probably fall into the alternative bride category. This means you aren’t keen on frills and sparkle, you definitely don’t want a fairy-tale dress, […]

What to do the night before the wedding

Your wedding is tomorrow – what are you supposed to do to pass the time? Instead of pacing around an empty room all day, here’s what to do the night before the wedding. Eat a ‘safe’ meal Those unfortunate souls (myself […]

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