50 (awesome) wedding photobombs

Amidst the hundreds of photos you snap on your wedding day, one or two are bound to touch your heartstrings more than most. However, if you’re doubly lucky, one or two will tickle your funnybone, too!

Here’s a collection of our favourite wedding photobombs, which offer a momentary giggle thanks to a wedding guest, a passing stranger or a mischievous member of the bridal party who couldn’t help but crash a shot.

aerial wedding photobomb

Photo bombs away: Talk about perfect timing from this jolly glider. Now, where’s the ‘land’ button?

A child zipping past this formal wedding photo adds a little bit of fun - and makes for a great wedding photo A little girl in pink zips past this formal bridal party and adds a little impromptu fun. photo. Image: Brian Dorsey Studios.

bride groom wedding photobomb This poor groom is about to be CRUSHED…

Nothing says romance like a photobomber in red Speedos! Nothing screams romance like a photobomber in red Speedos!

wedding photo bombs Lemme outta here, or at least let me be in the photo! Image: Ashley Durham Studios

Image: Matt Estherby

fire-fighting helicopter swooped into view as it filled up on water before heading off to put out nearby bushfires.
Image: Matt Estherby

Dog photobombing wedding shot Doggone: The bride’s pet pooches chose a most inopportune time to get frisky.

Engagement photobomb Ok, so this is an engagement shot, but the mooning passer-by in the background more than qualifies it for inclusion! LOL

animal photo bombing wedding picture Everybody say ‘Cheese!’

friend in window wedding photobomb Bottoms up! Guess who found the bridal party’s booze stash?

Image: Eyelander Photography This gentleman couldn’t help but snap the newlyweds, even though he didn’t know them! Once a photographer, always a phtographer. Image: Eyelander Photography

fun wedding photo photobomb Look Ma, no trumpets…

bridesmaid photobombing wedding pic You can always rely on your bestie for a good laugh – even if it is as you’re about to walk down the aisle…

friend photobombing wedding pic Yippee!

Engagement photo bomb

Oh, no! Gotta get out of the way before they miss the money shot… Erm, too late, buddy!

funny groomsman wedding photobomb This groomsman is obviously thrilled about this marriage or he’s never seen anyone sneak a kiss before!

groomsman wedding photobomb We’re not sure what the groomsman is doing in the background, but whatever it is, it’s kinda creepy!

horse wedding photobomb Horsing around: Hey, what about me? Someone’s feeling a little left out…

kid photobombing wedding Don’t mind me. I’ll just entertain myself until things get interesting.

wedding photobombing pooch SO. DOGGONE. TIRED. GOT. TO. LIE. DOWN.

limo wedding photobomb Boo!

kid wedding photobomb I’m way too cute NOT to include in this photo, ladies…

LLama photobombing wedding picture Oi! What’s going on here?

Image: Sarah Bastille Photography Image: Sarah Bastille Photography


photo bomb - weddings Well, hello there!

photo bomb - wedging

Planking priest wedding photobomb A mischievous planking priest adds a little levity to this very traditional wedding shot…

Photo bombing weddings What’s a wedding photo without grandpa?

Zach Braff wedding photobomb

Actor Zach Braff was crossing the road while this wedding photo was being taken – and he was nice enough to stop and smile… LOL

  photo bomb wedding

photo bombs weddings Photobombed wedidng photo photobombing a wedding

Image: Carlo Carletti Image: Carlo Carletti

silly wedding photobomb tired child wedding photo bomb underwater wedding photobomb

wedding photo bomb - bridesmaid

Wedding photo bomb wedding photo bombing

Wedding photo bombs

photo bomb engagement This passer by is, apparently, more surprised by this wedding proposal than the bride to be…

wedding photobomb funny

doggy photobomb wedding The romance of this couple’s wedding day rubbed off on all the guests – and the dogs, too, apparently…

wedding photobomb

wedding photobombs - cat Wait, wait for me…

Wedding photobombing wedding photobombs Weddings photobomb

navy seals photobomb wedding If you’re having a beach wedding, better check the local division of Navy SEALs aren’t about to conduct a training exercise…

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