Photographer pushes brides stepmum out of the way to capture couples first kiss as married couple

This is why we love unplugged weddings so much! Josh and Lorna Gantt, of Kentucky, married back in September, but footage of the Bride’s stepmum rudely standing in front of the professional (PAID) photographer has now gone viral after it was discovered the photographer shoves her aside to get that perfect first kiss photograph. And we don’t blame her. Looking at the now-viral footage, I would have done exactly what professional photographer Ashley Easterling did! So awkward! But no one should get in the way of a professional simply doing their job.

“The viral video that was posted has caused a little bit of conflict between mine and my step mothers relationship, this is nothing new.” Said the bride.

Ashley Easterling Photography

Photographer Ashley Easterling said on Facebook of the event: “My hopes is that people see this and realize that it’s not about them, it’s not about me or whatever photographer is shooting a wedding, but about the bride and groom. They hired a professional for a reason. Please have respect for the bride and groom and the photographer. The photographer is there to do a job and they were hired by the people there that matter the most that day.”

Here’s the video, watch from 2.30:

Fellow photographer Allan Yates also chiming in with: “Having had jackass family members interfere with the images I was being paid to create for the bride and groom, I applaud Ashley Easterling’s tenacity in executing her duties. There are no “do-overs” in wedding photography; a missed shot is forever lost.”

The wedding photographer, Ashley Easterling, quickly took her place to set up the perfect shot before being shoved aside by the professional photographer

The bride, Lorna, said this of the whole debacle: “I would love to clear the air on a few things and leave it as is. The viral video that was posted has caused a little bit of conflict between mine and my step mothers relationship, this is nothing new. We have always had a very rocky relationship and bumped heads a lot. She is terribly upset with the feedback of this video which is completely understandable. I received some very hateful text messages due to the ordeal. When the video first went viral my father, step mother and myself laughed hysterically about the whole thing now it’s a big ordeal to where I have received threats because of it. I understand that some of the negative feedback probably embarrassed her but there is plenty of comments of others taking her side on how the shove was a little far-fetched. People are going to talk, people are entitled to their own opinions the best way to cope with this is to just simply ignore and laugh about it. I have not said one negative thing about it. Did I feel like it was done on propose? Yes, considering the fact majority of my guests witnessed my photographer asking her politely to move more than a few times rude comments were made to Ashley by my stepmom. Inside reporters are contacting myself and Ashley to give more information about all this and it’s a little hectic…. and you know As a little girl you dream of your wedding day it’s something so special to you and you wait on this perfect day for a long time. I was already devastated because of the weather, I was devastated because I didn’t feel beautiful on my wedding day due to the weather, we didn’t get to do everything we had planned… and guess what? I would of been even more devastated if our first kiss wasn’t captured due to someone stepping in front of the camera. My friends, family, photographer and my husband everyone… made sure to make everything better by getting me out on the dance floor to dance the night away. Problems occurred and that’s okay. And the hateful text messages I received the other day I’ve learned every situation does not require a reaction even when your completely aware of your ability to fuel the fire. You don’t. Just ignore it all. So I’m sure some are sick of seeing this video plastered everywhere believe me. Lol. But I wanted to make one post to where I wanted to share that I didn’t mean any harm to her by all of this. She didn’t find it funny at first then she did and now she doesn’t. That’s okay! My picture was still captured I applaud Ashley for that.”

Majorly awkward, all round!

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