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28 Apr 2020 

Great food and service! Would very much recommend to others.

24 Apr 2020 

Fantastic venue for events. Amazing food and great service. Especially interesting if you went there back in the day when it was a fish market!

Sam P says about SUSHISAMBA:

23 Apr 2020 

Amazing venue. Panoramic London views , roof terraces , excellent service and some of the most creative food combinations on offer in London. Magical experience and the price point reflects what is being delivered.

21 Apr 2020 

Great location on the river, great service and food was amazing.

09 Apr 2020 

What a lovely place. Excellent ambience and drinks. Can't wait for next time!!!

06 Apr 2020 

I had never been to Hampton Court Palace prior to this event, however what a beautiful venue and surrounding area! You would not think you were on the outskirts of London! Upon arrival, parking was quick and easy. The venue was different, definitely an experience in itself being inside a beautiful piece of architecture once lived in by King Henry VIII, it was stunning! It was very well organised and a very chilled environment. Loved it!

31 Mar 2020 

Simply perfect! The Palm is a beautiful and tranquil setting. Our waiter was very attentive and made me and my sister feel so comfortable.

Steve W says about Motown Gold:

29 Jan 2019 

Excellent performance, great fun and friendly group.

Juli B says about Earcandy Harp:

04 Jan 2019 

Isabella was a delight! She was totally professional and understood exactly what she had to do and played beautifully. We had so many lovely comments about her, especially playing contemporary music on such a beautiful instrument! Many thanks to Isabella and to Earcandy for helping to make Amy & Simon's day so perfect.

29 Aug 2018 

Fantastic venue, food was amazing and views were great!

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