Seating Planner

Organise seating arrangements for all of your wedding events!

With your guest list complete and wedding events finalised, it's time to organise guests to their allocated seats!

Set your tables

Create tables for groups of families, clans, relatives, friends and coworkers.

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Avoid family drama

Organise seating so some guests who shouldn't be seated next to each other aren't, and vice versa. You'll notice right away if Aunt Marge is too close to Auntie Betty.

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Print your plan

With your guests' seats finalised, easily print your plan, or save it as a PDF to send via email. An easy guide for your caterer and designers to reference.

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Create tables, choose your guests and plan your event with ease!

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Hear from the married couples who used our tools!

For a first time wedding planner this is a great prompting website to help make the best wedding day.

Rebekah H

The guest list, seating planner and budget calculator is what we used.

Karl M

Love it, great tool for all brides.

Rohanna D

The planning tools which are super duper handy!

Suzanne C