All you need to know about anniversary milestones

Are you married or about to get married? Be on top of your anniversary game and celebrate your spouse with the proper gift. Here’s all you need to know about anniversary milestones!

1st anniversary: Paper

You made it through your first year as a married couple! And for this important accomplishment, your first-anniversary gift should be made out of paper, to symbolise the new story that you are writing together.

2nd anniversary: Cotton

anniversary milestones

Cotton is your way to go for your second year, this one represents the bond that you are knitting together, two woven into one, creating a stronger relationship. For this one, a soft lovely gift like a robe could be a lovely present for your spouse.

3rd anniversary: Leather

Leather represents endurance and resistance and if you think about it, leather evolves with time, adapting its shape and surface to the environment. So a nice leather gift could make your loved one very happy.

4th anniversary: Linen

anniversary milestones

For your 4th anniversary, your gift should be linen which represents overcoming the bumps, ups and downs, to finally approach a smoother road for the future, which is represented as linen.

5th anniversary: Wood

As trees are a symbol of strength, by this point of your marriage you already have some roots that make your relationship stronger while growing together. This is represented by giving a wood gift.

10th anniversary: Tin

Wow, a decade together! How amazing is that! This milestone is represented by giving a tin gift, a material which doesn’t rust or wear down, symbolising preservation and how your marriage has lasted through time.

25th anniversary: Silver

Being one of the most precious metals on earth, silver symbolises the continuous and hopefully everlasting shine of your union. May your marriage stay shiny and beautiful just like silver.

30th anniversary: Pearl

After 30 years together, pearls represent the hidden beauty of your relationship, maturing together, taking the time to grow into something beautiful, just as a precious pearl does inside its shell.

40th anniversary: Ruby

anniversary milestones

A ruby symbolises the love, passion and the flame that keeps going in both of your hearts, keeping your love alive year after year.

50th anniversary: Gold

50 years together is something that at the beginning of your relationship you could only dream of! This milestone is represented by gold which symbolises strength, prosperity and wisdom. The perfect gift for such a special moment.

anniversary milestones

Golden pocket watch

60th anniversary: Diamond

anniversary milestones

Look how far you have come together, 60 years of sharing and caring for each other couldn’t be represented with anything other than diamonds. The strongest gem of them all, which represents beauty, uniqueness and above all your everlasting love.

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