7 place cards ideas that can also be wedding favours!

Who doesn’t love ideas that can help in more than one way? Creativity can be your best friend when trying to stick to a budget while planning your dream wedding, and when those creative ideas tick more than one box, they are definitely a must! So feed two birds with one seed with these 7 place cards ideas that can also be wedding favours!

Ready to get inspired? Save time and money by using a place card that doubles as a wedding favour and give a creative little surprise to your friends and family.

1. Personalised geode slices

How gorgeous are these little guys! Agate geode slices with your guest’s names handwritten in calligraphy will look beautiful on your table setup. Also can be a cute little decoration item for your guests.

2. Paper flowers

A lovely colourful alternative that won’t dry out! A paper plant that your guests can take home with them. Also a beautiful symbol of growth and prosperity.

3. Rustic wood candles

These rustic wood candle holders are a practical wedding keepsake for your guests to use afterwards. A lovely wedding favour that can be used more than once.

4. Chocolates

Edible place cards? Yes! A thoughtful treat that your guests will appreciate. Simple yet elegant, you can also personalise the wrapper to match your wedding theme and colours.

5. Ceramic card

This ceramic name card can be custom made to suit different wedding styles, themes and traditions. Your table will look amazing while serving two purposes, helping your guests find their proper seats and taking a personalised little gift with them.

6. Cookies

Another edible option! A more sustainable (if you place the cookie without a bag) yet delicious way to place your guests on the proper seats.

7. Personalised miniature alcohol bottles

A personalised mini alcohol bottle of your favourite spirit could be a nice little detail for your guests to enjoy at your wedding or at home.

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