Irish wedding guest sues hotel after slipping on rose petals

Wedding guests be wary, Irish woman Ann White, has slipped and fractured her wrist and arm on petals, hours after the bride did her bouquet toss.

Ann White. Photo: Collins Courts

Ms White was attending the reception of her colleagues wedding when she tripped on the dance floor on the petals at approximately 2.30am. The 53-year-old told the court that there was a “serious scrum” when the bouquet was tossed at around 12.30pm, and the result were petals all over the dance floor. The hotel is the Aherlow House in Co Tipperary.

Wedding venue: the Aherlow House Hotel in Co Tipperary

Ms White said that her right foot skidded on the dance floor and she fell backwards, hit her head and heard a cracking noise.

wedding guest sues

“I got a shock. The pain was so bad, I could not talk, I could not move my arm,” she said.

Ms White was transferred by ambulance to a hospital. She had surgery to her arm and was in a cast for seven weeks, but still feels pain. “My arm is painful every day. I find it hard to dry my hair and I can’t wear jewellery on my left hand,” she said.

Ms White’s counsel, Aidan Doyle, told the court that the hotel side claims the incident was not foreseeable.

The case continues in the high court.

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