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Would you chance a pot luck wedding?

When you think of the word pot luck, images of childhood gatherings where family friends would bring a plate or bowl of delicious around for dinner flood into your mind. But when you associate pot... Read more

Late night wedding snacks your guests will love you for

Your wedding feast was cleared away hours ago and you still have dozens of people cranking out moves on the dance floor. How do you keep them satisfied all night?  With these late night wedding... Read more

How to cater for all dietary requirements at your wedding

There's nothing worse than allowing your wedding guests to go hungry at your reception. The easiest way to find out if your guests have particular dietary requirements is to include a special box on... Read more

Gorgeous welcome drink ideas

Welcome drinks are your guests’ first experience at your reception. Will you wow them? Or leave them feeling flat with only a glass of warm fizz for company? Make sure you get your celebration off... Read more

Street food ideas for your wedding catering

Street food is everywhere. No longer the preserve of dodgy burger and kebab vans, street food now means fresh, exciting cuisine cooked with love, from all around the world. It’s no wonder then,... Read more

6 unusual drinks reception ideas

A vital consideration for your wedding is working out how to keep your guests happy and satisfied during the connecting parts of your day, those interim periods of socialising and waiting between the... Read more

Don’t want a traditional wedding breakfast?

The wedding breakfast has traditionally been the focal point of the reception. The wedding party and guests sit down and enjoy a three or more course meal to celebrate and toast the brand new bride... Read more

Casual and fun wedding food ideas

Looking for some casual and fun wedding food ideas? Here are some of... Read more

Wedding alcohol: a beginner’s guide

There's a lot more to wedding alcohol than merely choosing between a nice red and white. And, although you don't have to be a vintner or a sommelier to put together a wedding's alcohol menu, it will... Read more

Ask Samantha: is it OK to ask guests to pay for their meals at my wedding instead of bringing gifts?

My husband-to-be and I are on quite a restricted budget and really can't afford to have a big do for our wedding but we want as many of our friends and family to be a part of our special day as... Read more

10 cities every foodie couple should consider honeymooning in

If tucking into gourmet meals or nibbling on delicious street food is your idea of a perfect holiday, why not consider spending your honeymoon eating your way around the world? After all, there's... Read more

A guide to wedding day drinks

A glass or two of champagne is a nice addition to most weddings, even if it's only as a toast during the speeches. But a question you might be asking is - how many beverages should you serve and... Read more

Make a sweet centrepiece – 10 ways to feature chocolate in your wedding

They say that chocolate is a girl’s other best friend, but that doesn’t mean your wedding guests won’t also go crazy for the sweet treat everyone craves. Here are 10 ways to incorporate... Read more

Gluten-free? Lactose intolerant? Pescatarian? Wedding guest menu deciphered

There was a time, not all that long ago, when a wedding guest menu would consist of either beef or chicken. On some tables the main courses were simply served alternately. If you had the beef land... Read more

Naked cakes: the beautiful top 10

Naked and cake: They're two words not often found in the same sentence, but we promise you naked... Read more

Ooops: a very unfortunate wedding invitation typo

Can you spot the reason this rather unfortunate wedding invitation has gone viral? Take a look at what's happening at 3:30pm. Yep, guests will enjoy a healthy serving of horse ovaries.... Read more

Fancy a taste of this royal cake?

Regal-mad collectors are being given... Read more

Trend: Delicate dried celebration cakes

From the truly talented artisans at The Bakemonger in London comes this magnificent form of wedding cake - the dried fruit sculptured cake. Not THAT dried fruit cake, the traditional one that has... Read more

10 chocolatey ideas for a cocoa-crazed couple

It comes in many fantastic forms and can make even the eldest wedding guests regress to childhood; chocolate is by far a favourite of most people. Dark, white, or milk, there are endless ways to... Read more

A cross-section cake with its own little secret

The wickedly clever Annabel de Vetten, from Birmingham-based Conjurer's Kitchen, loves taking cake design to the next level. An artist and trained sculptor by trade, Annabel brings her fine art... Read more

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