Can I serve vegan food at my wedding?

If you’re a vegan, the chances are someone has made a comment to you about it before. Whether it’s questioning your lifestyle choices, eating habits, or asking you how you can live without eating bacon because “it tastes sooooo good,” we know that it can grow old very quickly.

Unfortunately, when it comes to your wedding, there are already going to be people who want to shower you with unwanted opinions. And if you’re a vegan who doesn’t want to serve animal products at their wedding, then we’re sorry to say that those opinions are going to come down to what food you serve your guests.

But just because you are inviting other people to your wedding doesn’t mean that you have to forsake your own values for the day. If you and your partner are both vegan or you want to host a vegan or vegetarian wedding, then here are a few tips to get your guests on board with your choices.

Think about who is contributing to your big day

The first thing to consider is who is contributing to your big day. A lot of couples receive financial assistance from their parents on their wedding day, which means that your parents may want some say over what food is served.

If this is the case, the best way to get around this is through honest conversation about your lifestyle choices and why you don’t want to serve animal products on your big day. At the end of the day, it is your wedding, and you should feel comfortable with the choices you’ve made.

Try compromising with them in another area of the wedding planning if they are being particularly stubborn. There are always the categories you care more about when planning, and if the food is one of them for you then make this the one that you hold onto, and let your parents or parents-in-law help with something else.

Help educate them

One big misconception about vegan food is that all you eat is a salad or bland food, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! There are so many delicious vegan food options out there, but many people won’t try them because they think they won’t be as good as ‘the real thing’.

If you have vocal parents, family members or friends who are against you serving vegan food at your wedding, invite them over to show them the delicious options that can be created. A family barbeque, intimate dinner party, or even your engagement party are great ways to pair catching up with the people you care about while also showing them some good vegan food!

Involve them in the tastings

Particularly for family members who might be contributing to the wedding, invite them along to your catering tasting to taste the vegan food you’ll actually be serving on your big day could help win them over. That way they can help you make the decisions you need to, and they’ll still feel involved in the planning process around the food.

Plus, it’s another great way for them to taste some of the delicious options that you can have at a formal event. Catering for all different dietary requirements is so diverse now that they’ll actually be hardpressed to find something they don’t like!

Find some ‘accidentally vegan’ foods to feed them

This is a bit more of a strong tactic, but if your friends or family are being particularly vocal then ask them what foods they already eat that are ‘accidentally’ vegan.

Oreos, hot chips, hash browns, pringles, hommus, pasta, rice, some chocolate toppings, some dark chocolates and even some garlic bread is vegan. Some people don’t realise they’re actually eating vegan food!

And while this list generally doesn’t go through any of the actual meals, picking out the brands that they do know and love is a good way to start bringing them onside.

Don’t forget dessert!

You might have found the perfect vegan wedding caterer, but don’t forget your vegan cake as well! There are plenty of options when it comes to having your cake and eating it too. Plus, your friends and family need never know that the delicious creation they’re eating is actually vegan!

Unless they have dietary requirements such as needing to stay away from gluten (make sure you check this!), then most people don’t worry as much about what can or can’t go into a cake. Everyone just loves cake! So take advantage of this and chow down on something you love but also ethically agree with.

Finally, ask yourself who the wedding is for

If you’re still not sure whether you should be serving vegan food at your wedding, ask yourself who your wedding is for.

If the answer is for you and your spouse-to-be, then do what YOU want! So many couples are doing their own thing now, so whether you have vocal naysayers or not, serve that delicious food regardless.

However, if you’re hosting a wedding for your parents to celebrate, then your answer might become a bit trickier. A good compromise could be to serve half vegan food half vegetarian food, or half vegan food and half other catering.

Whatever your choice, the trick is to be honest and communicate properly about what you want for your wedding day with those who are helping you make the big decisions. You want to feel comfortable, but you also don’t want to fall out with any of your family or friends over your big day. Compromise, communication and patience on all sides will be a big step in planning the day of your dreams.

The chances are, if you care enough to worry about how they’re going to feel at your wedding, then they should also care enough to step aside and have the special day you’ve always dreamed of.

Check out caterers in your area to see what delicious vegan options available!

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