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7 unique engagement party ideas

So you’ve recently gotten engaged – congratulations! Getting engaged and everything that follows, is one of the most exciting times you’ll have in your life. By now, you’re probably starting... Read more

13 great engagement gift ideas you should consider

When you have a friend or family member that gets engaged it is nice to send a gift that says “congratulations!” However, knowing what is appropriate to send can be a bit overwhelming. The... Read more

Important things to discuss during your engagement

If you are seriously dating or engaged, chances are conversations with your significant other come quite easily. Talking about most topics is fun and enjoyable, as it allows you to learn a little bit... Read more

The dos and dont’s of proposing

The proposal is the first huge step of any future husband and one of the most stressful they will encounter. How do you pop the question? When is the appropriate time? Is she ready to get... Read more

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Tradition dictates that a man should spend about three-months' salary on an engagement ring. HOWEVER, that is a very old-fashioned standard because: - it isn't only men who propose these days -... Read more

Jon Snow and Ygritte are engaged!

Turns out, Jon Snow does know a thing or two! The Game of Thrones couple is engaged. Actor Kit Harington asked fellow co-star, and on-screen lover, Rose Leslie, to be his wife, according to PEOPLE... Read more

How to meet your future in-laws for the first time

Are you yet to meet your future in-laws? If you and your partner have become engaged before you've had the chance to meet the future in-laws, you'd best get a wriggle on and start to build a... Read more

Wedding vs elopement: what would you choose?

Congratulations on your engagement! Before you can fully launch yourself into the world of wedding planning, you and your fiancé will need to decide if you would like to throw a celebration that all... Read more

Your ultimate engagement party checklist

Your partner likes it and has put a ring on it, so now it's time to celebrate your engagement! Here's our engagement party checklist to ensure you've got everything covered: This is the party before... Read more

10 things happy couples do well

Whether you are dating, engaged, newly married, or approaching a marriage milestone, the way you interact with one another is a strong sign of how happy you are in your relationship. Here are 10 key... Read more

How to survive a long engagement

Not all couples immediately launch into planning the wedding of their dreams the minute they become engaged. In fact, there can be a lot of reasons why couples choose to have an extended engagement -... Read more

What they’re REALLY thinking when they propose

If you think your partner is cool, calm, and collected when getting on bended knee — think again. While you might be bursting at the seams with excitement with one wiff of an impending proposal,... Read more

Engagement party etiquette you need to know

Congratulations on your engagement! A party can be the ideal time to announce the news to your nearest and dearest. We have the answers to all of your questions about engagement party... Read more

“I choose you!” Lauren and Thomas’ Pokemon Real Proposal

While on a group tour climbing their way to the top of Fushimi Inari-taisha, Japan, Lauren had no idea she was about to be proposed to. "Thomas had plans to propose at the summit overlooking... Read more

6 things you should never post on social media when you get engaged

Just got engaged? Want to post a million ring selfies straight away? Be sure to read about these 6 things you should never post on social media when you get engaged: 1. The price tag No one... Read more

7 words that mean something else once you’re engaged

An engagement is something that alters your life irrevocably – in really beautiful ways. Some of them you expect, like the deepening of your love for your spouse to be while others simply sneak... Read more

The great debate: “Does my engagement ring size matter?”

Of late, bridal forums worldwide are divided over whether your engagement ring size and look really matters. Here's a few concerns and points of view that have arisen from the debate. [caption... Read more

8 things you may not know about your engagement ring

You can't stop staring at it and relish the opportunity to show it off to anyone who even remotely glances in its direction. No, it's not your new fiancé (although they can be a bit of a... Read more

Pros and cons of an engagement photo shoot

You're engaged! It’s one of the happiest and most exciting times in your life, so it makes sense you want the world to know all about it! One way to both celebrate and share your happy news is with... Read more

Why NOT to lose weight for your wedding

You may be recently engaged (congrats!) or your wedding day is looming and you want to look perfect for the big day. But let us tell you — a crash diet or depriving your body in any way, shape or... Read more

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