8 things you may not know about your engagement ring

You can’t stop staring at it and relish the opportunity to show it off to anyone who even remotely glances in its direction. No, it’s not your new fiancé (although they can be a bit of a head-turner), it’s your gorgeous engagement ring!

When the ring is brand new, you are still wrapping your head around the fact you are now preparing to spend the rest of your life with your fiancé. But remember, this ring will also be with you for the rest of your life, and there’s a few key things to remember that will keep it looking as brilliant as it did the day you accepted the proposal.


Accidents happen, and if one should happen to your engagement or wedding ring you will want to know that you can do something to replace it. To do this, you will need to insure your ring. If you already have home insurance, check to see if your ring is under the same policy. If not, you can insure it separately. Visit your jeweller for a valuation, which will include a description of the ring and its diamonds or other precious stones, and a close-up photo. This will help you if the unthinkable happens to your ring.


It’s only natural that you will want to keep your ring looking as gorgeous as the day it first was place on your finger, and cleaning is a big part of making that happen. So many things we come into contact with every day have the potential to tarnish and dirty your ring. Luckily, the jewellers you bought your ring from will clean it free of charge, so drop it in while you are picking up groceries for that new-look shine. If you want to DIY, soak your ring in a mix of warm water and a mild dishwashing liquid for a few minutes. Then use a soft toothbrush to give it a once over.


When regular cleans no longer give you the results you are looking for, white gold rings may require a little extra TLC in the form of rhodium plating to return that brilliant white. Some jewellers recommend this is done on an annual basis, but you could extend this out if you are still happy with the colour of your bands.

Checking that stones are still secure

If you take advantage of the free cleaning at the jewellers, they will give the settings a quick once-over to ensure your diamonds and other precious stones are secure. If you have been DIYing, it’s a good idea to pop into the jewellery store once every six months to have them checked. There is nothing worse than the gut-wrenching panic of looking at your ring and noticing a gaping hole where a diamond should be. Prevention is the best cure here.


Just like the rest of our body changes shape and size as time goes on, so too do our fingers. If you notice the ring is getting a little loose on your finger, or is becoming increasingly hard to take off, pop into the jewellery store to see if you might need a resizing. Most rings can be easily reduced in size, but can get a little tricky to enlarge if the band has intricate details or is made with a special metal blend. That said, these guys are professionals and will be able to devise a solution that will work for your unique ring.

Sometimes it’s best to take it off

When the ring is first placed on your finger, you will feel like you never want to take it off. But it’s actually beneficial if you do. Removing your ring while washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or doing anything else where you are interacting with harsh chemicals will prevent them from eroding your ring. It’s also a good idea to take your ring off if you are playing sport to prevent sporting equipment from clashing with your stones. It may seem trivial, but taking your rings off when you are putting on lotions, sunscreens, and perfume can also protect the integrity of your ring.

Be careful when you swim

Just as hot weather can expand the size of your fingers, the cold can shrink them. Throw in a wet and slippery environment, like the ocean or a swimming pool, and there is potential for your ring to slip right off while you are going for a dip. The answer? Take it off and leave your ring at home if you plan on going for a swim.

Safe storage

Because you may now be considering taking your ring off more than you ever thought you would, it’s best to have a safe and consistent place to store your ring. There is nothing worse than the pulse-raising panic of forgetting where you placed your ring. You could keep it in a bedside drawer or a jewellery box or any other place that you will easily remember. If you are storing it in a place with other jewellery, remember that diamonds are the toughest stone on earth and can easily scratch or damage other items. If you don’t have the original ring box, place the ring in a small cloth pouch to provide a soft barrier to protect other items around it.

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