How to reduce stress while wedding planning

Planning a wedding can be so stressful – the financial strain, the emotions, the time constraints once you’ve set the date, the pressure from family and friends… so here are some tips on how you can reduce these stressors and become more zen while planning your wedding.


Sounds a little ridiculous, but one of the best methods I used for relaxation and getting to sleep while stressing about wedding planning was meditation apps like Headspace and even apps with gentle noises to set my mind at ease, like RelaxMelodies.


If you have a bridal party, then ask them for their help every now and again – even your parents and siblings will likely be happy to help you out.

Ask for help:

If it’s financial stress you’re under, and you’re not sure how you will manage to pay the bills if you go ahead with this wedding, reduce your spend wherever possible, ask for help from your parents if you can, or ask a bank for a loan to get you by, but only if you can truly afford to pay it back, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a black hole of debt that you may not be able to break free from.

If your stress is affecting your mental health, think about asking your GP for a referral to a psychologist or counsellor to discuss this further. I was having wedding related dreams in the final two months before my wedding and was struggling to sleep.


If one thing relaxes me, it’s getting a massage! Book in and enjoy an hour to yourself, in silence and truly allowing yourself to wind down. I often leave half asleep, and you might find the same.

Focus on your hobbies:

Are you into photography, sport or something else? Spend some time NOT wedding planning! It can be overwhelming, so you need some time to focus on something else.

Focus on your relationship:

Remember to schedule time to hang out with your spouse-to-be but avoid wedding planning at the time! Focus on the two of you and your relationship, rather than the wedding or anything else that’s stressing you out.

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