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Decode the wedding dress code: what do they actually mean?

Received a wedding invitation and don't quite understand the dress code? Or perhaps you're planning your wedding and aren't entirely sure what to write on your invitations? Here's our dress code... Read more

A groom’s guide to wedding formalwear

While it’s true that the bride gets a great deal more attention paid to her outfit - and rightly so - the groom must do his best to look his best, too. But what he wears depends on a number of... Read more

The BEST suit looks of the SAG awards 2017

We love a red carpet event, and the SAG awards were no exception. Whether you like a classic or unique look, we've got you covered with all of the best suit looks from the Screen Actors Guild Awards... Read more

What to consider when hiring a wedding suit

Hiring a wedding suit is very common as the groom will often be dressed the same as his best man and ushers, and buying all the suits would be very expensive. Here are some top tips on hiring the... Read more

Getting the father of the groom outfit just right

Deciding on the father of the groom outfit can be tricky as he’s not a formal member of the wedding party but you want him to feel a part of the proceedings. Here are some tips on getting the... Read more

Handy guide to grooms wedding outfits

Getting the groom’s wedding outfit right is almost as important as the bride’s – after all he’ll be right next to you in all the wedding photos! Check out our guide to grooms wedding outfits... Read more

Who to choose as best man

Who to choose as best man can be a difficult decision and if your man is asking for your advice, you should both think about it carefully. Sometimes there might be obvious choices, such as his... Read more

Wedding suit hire: top tips

Most couples choose to hire the wedding suits for the groom and ushers so they can achieve a uniform look without spending a fortune on new clothes. Here are a few top tips on wedding suit hire if... Read more

What exactly is the best man role?

While being asked to be the best man of your brother or friend is a serious honour, it is also a role packed with responsibility and not something that should be accepted without thought. The best... Read more

What should the groom’s fragrance be?

It might seem like a small detail but the scent of the aftershave that the groom wears on the wedding day is one that will stay with you forever, so you want to be sure you get it just right. Here... Read more

Major groomswear trends to inspire you

The bride spends a lot of time choosing her wedding outfit so it’s only fair that the groom should be able to have some input into his too. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for... Read more

Wedding suits for male guests

When men get invited to a wedding they don’t tend to get quite as excited about shopping for a new outfit as women do, but getting their wedding outfit right is still important. Here are three... Read more

A brides guide to choosing cufflinks for the groom

Cufflinks are a fabulous gift for the bride to give the groom as they can be worn on the wedding day and kept ever after to remind him of the best day of his life! Here are some pointers for the... Read more

Three golden rules for wearing a wedding tuxedo

If you’re after the classic James Bond look for your groom it just has to be a tuxedo. The tux is a fabulous choice for instant glamour and will make your groom and all the ushers look incredibly... Read more

A glossary of wedding tie types

Wearing a tie is becoming more unusual in everyday life and casual dressing in offices starts to be the norm. Deciding on a wedding tie could therefore be a big decision, so here are some frequently... Read more

Matching mens wedding shoes to their wedding suits

Men are notoriously bad at choosing accessories and shoes are no exception. If you want to be sure your groom is wearing the appropriate footwear to your wedding check out this guide to mens' wedding... Read more

Various options for mens’ wedding suits

Most modern grooms want to look just as elegant and well dressed as their other half and luckily there are plenty of outfits on offer to choose from, ranging from made to measure suits to off the peg... Read more

Formal wear trends for the groom and ushers

Modern grooms have increasing flexibility when it comes to their wedding outfits and many spend as much time planning their wedding suit as their wives-to-be spend choosing a wedding dress. Here are... Read more

Personalising the grooms wedding outfit

Although the groom traditionally wears the same as the ushers it’s now more common, for the groom to personalise his outfit.  Here are five ways for the grooms wedding outfit to stand out from the... Read more

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