Formal wear trends for the groom and ushers

Modern grooms have increasing flexibility when it comes to their wedding outfits and many spend as much time planning their wedding suit as their wives-to-be spend choosing a wedding dress. Here are some of the latest formal wear trends.

grooms attire

The updated tux

Many grooms still like to wear a tuxedo, especially for an evening wedding, but these now come with a contemporary twist. Brightly coloured or patterned waistcoats are worn instead of cummerbunds, long cravats are more likely to be worn than the traditional bow tie, and notched lapels tend to be more popular than shawl or winged styles.

Statement ties

A striking statement tie is a great way to put a personal stamp on the groom’s outfit especially if he has chosen a simple tailored suit rather than something more formal. As long as the colours co-ordinate with the buttonhole and don’t clash with the bridesmaids’ dresses, anything’s acceptable, and bold stripes, paisley patterns, and polka dots are all effective designs.

Casual attire

Casual wedding outfits are now widely accepted, and many grooms and their ushers are simply wearing khaki trousers, shirts, and coloured blazers. Striped, checked, tartan or textured blazers are all becoming very chic as grooms often want to wear something different on their wedding than they would wear to the office.

wedding dress code

Simple shirts

Although double cuffs still add an element of formality to a wedding shirt, other elaborate trimmings such as pleats, frills are seen less and less. White shirts are the most popular choice with colour being introduced in the tie, waistcoat or buttonhole.

Neutral ties

Wedding ties have traditionally been the same colour as the bridesmaids’ dresses, but many grooms are now choosing to co-ordinate with the bride instead – choosing white or ivory. You can even have the tie made out of the same material as the bride’s dress if you ask for extra fabric. Other fashionable neutral colours for grooms’ ties are silver and gold.

Distinctive buttonholes

A unique buttonhole is one way to make the groom stand out from the ushers but it is now becoming popular for each male member of the wedding party to have their own unique buttonhole. In an American style processional where the ushers walk the bridesmaids down the aisle, each pair could have a matching bouquet and buttonhole.

Co-ordinating all the guys

While it’s very common for the best man and ushers to wear the same outfit as the groom, and the fathers of the couple are often dressed alike as well, it is now becoming fashionable to extend the formal wear to other relatives such as uncles and grandfathers. Try to find another suit of the same colour and fabric as the groom’s, but in a more casual style.

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