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9 accessories to complete your wedding day look

Once the date is set, the venue is booked and the perfect dress is found, you’ll be looking to find the accessories. Accessories can really complete your wedding day look as well as allowing you to... Read more

9 ways to decorate your vintage wedding

For many brides, an in vogue wedding gown and an on-trend theme is almost as important as the wedding itself. But for some, modern styling just won’t do and a vintage wedding, fit for Audrey... Read more

The history of wedding veils

Nothing shouts out 'Wedding!' from the mountains like a veil. They have been around for as long as the concept of marriage has and are still as favoured by brides today. Take a look into the history... Read more

To veil or not veil: the ins and outs of wedding veils

Wedding veils have long been part of the wedding day tradition, but for some modern brides this classic headwear isn’t always part of their vision. It can feel formal and old fashioned - but it... Read more

Bridal headpieces for the alternative bride

If the phrase ‘princess for the day’ makes your stomach flip (and not in a good way) you probably fall into the alternative bride category. This means you aren’t keen on frills and sparkle,... Read more

10 bridal accessories you probably never considered – but should

With so many brides sporting similar frothy tulle gowns, sleek up-dos and understated stud earrings, it can be hard to set yourself apart. If you want to forge your own bridal fashion path, a... Read more

Bridal accessories: 10 dos and don’ts

When it comes to your big day, even the smallest of details matter. Bridal accessories can make or break your outfit and when chosen well they can take your bridal look to a whole new level of... Read more

The essential wedding accessories checklist

Organising your wedding is a complex business with countless items you need to purchase and prepare. Wedding accessories are essential, but can often be overlooked during the planning process. In... Read more

Top tips on wearing a wedding tiara

There are lots of things you get to do on your wedding day that you wouldn’t do otherwise and wearing a tiara is one of them. Once you get that sparkling tiara fastened into your wedding hairstyle... Read more

How to put together your wedding scent

Wedding scent is often overlooked at couples focus on the look of their wedding. However, smell is a very powerful sense and you want your wedding to have a memorable scent, which will probably be a... Read more

A brief guide to choosing bridesmaids

A lot of thought and consideration has to go into choosing bridesmaids as they play a very important role at the wedding and spend a lot time close to the bride. Making the right choices leaves you... Read more

Where did the wedding garter tradition come from?

The wedding garter tradition is one that has stood the test of time because brides like the idea of wearing something so sexy under their wedding dress, but where did it come from and should you wear... Read more

A glossary of bridal veil styles

When it comes to bridal accessories, the veil is the most delicate and beautiful. The bride can choose from a huge range of styles depending on her personal preferences and the look and style of her... Read more

Bridal lingerie to feel fab on your wedding day

The main focus for the bride tends to be picking the right wedding gown and lingerie is just an afterthought but bridal lingerie helps you feel that extra bit more confident, sexy and special. You... Read more

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