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5 steps for handling guests who don’t RSVP

Remember back in primary school when you'd send out a note to the person you had a crush on? It would read something like "Do you like me?" with some boxes, yes, no, and if you wanted a chance of a... Read more

No RSVP, no address: how to make sure your guests RSVP

They are out there - people who are invited to events, don't let you know they are coming, and then turn up on the day expecting the welcome mat to be rolled out. Sadly, weddings are not immune to... Read more

Bespoke wedding invitations with a difference

Bored of the same-old wedding invitations you display on your fridge and forget about? Give your family and friends something to cherish with a completely bespoke invitation to your special day.... Read more

Do we need to send save the dates?

Save the dates are a fairly new addition to the wedding scene, although they have so quickly become part of the etiquette of the day they are often included in essential wedding checklists. If... Read more

8 dos and don’ts of thank you cards

Thank you cards might seem a bit old-fashioned and inefficient in 2016 when social media rules the world, but when it comes to your wedding they are a must! Here are some thank you card dos and... Read more

7 tips to ensure guests respond to your RSVP on time

You've spent countless hours picking out the perfect venue for your wedding and reception. The dress and tuxedo are handled; you have the music, the cake, the celebrant and the rings. There's just... Read more

How do I decide who can bring a plus-one to my wedding – and who cannot?

Choosing who can and who cannot bring a plus-one to your wedding can be a painful decision,... Read more

10 top tips to be a terrific wedding guest

There's something wonderful about being invited to attend a wedding, and sharing in a couple's special day as they open a new chapter in their relationship. It's a celebration geared towards a good... Read more

Options for wedding invitation printing

The style of your wedding invitations will give your guests an idea of what your big day will be like - if it is going to be a relaxed and casual event or a sophisticated and formal affair. Just like... Read more

Wedding invitation tips for fabulous design

It is advisable to start thinking about your wedding invitations about six months before your wedding day as there are plenty of things to consider. These wedding invitation tips will help to make... Read more

Ideas for wedding invitation wording

Before selecting the wording for your wedding invitations, it is important to consider and clarify what the style of your wedding will be. A wedding invitation sets the tone for the occasion and is... Read more

Looking for wedding invitation ideas?

There are so many styles and designs of wedding invitations to choose from that it can be overwhelming, however most couples decide on an invite that is the closest match to their overall wedding... Read more

Elements of wedding stationery to consider

The most important item of wedding stationery you order will be your wedding invitations, but there are other items to consider as well. Many couples order all their wedding stationery in one go as... Read more

Wedding guest list problems and their solutions

Drawing up your wedding guest list is always going to be a difficult experience. There are bound to be family issues to consider and a number of guests that you can’t decide whether you should... Read more

Inviting single guests to a wedding

Couples who are getting married often have a few single friends, and of course you want them to be at your wedding, but inviting them along can cause you a few dilemmas. Do you need to include a plus... Read more

Should you add a wedding dress code to your invites?

Every wedding has its own unique, personal style. A wedding may be themed, or minimalist. One celebration may be more formal, another more laid-back. As a result, it may be appropriate to inform your... Read more

How to use pocket wedding invitations

Pocket wedding invitations are a fashionable alternative to traditional invites and are ideal if you have a lot of extra information to include about your wedding. If you’re considering pocket... Read more

Why add rsvp cards to your wedding invites?

Adding an RSVP card to your wedding invitations is a great way to make it easy for your guests to reply, and to ensure the reply goes to the right place. Check out this RSVP FAQ to find out more... Read more

When and why to send save the date cards

Save the date cards are not the actual wedding invitation, but a great way to ensure most of your guests are able to make it to your big day. They are a fun way to let your friends and family know in... Read more

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