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How to use chinese spoons at your wedding

Chinese spoons are ideal for a adding some modern flair to your wedding whether they’re used by the caterers to serve canapés or placed on the tables as wedding favours. Here are some great ways... Read more

Three popular types of wedding food

Most guests will expect to get fed when you invite them to celebrate your big day. This doesn’t mean you need to provide them a gourmet five course meal however. Your wedding food selection will... Read more

Wedding breakfast wine for every part of the meal

Wedding catering has come a long way in recent years, and many couples spend hours with their caterers pouring over wedding menus and choosing dishes that their guests will love. This often means... Read more

Ten things to think about when choosing wedding catering menus

Many couples decide on their wedding catering menu based on the price; thinking that if they pay more they will get better quality food. However, price should not be the only determining factor when... Read more

Common questions about wedding wine

Wine and weddings go hand in hand, and whether you’re a wine lover yourself or not, there’s likely to be quite a lot of wine flowing at your wedding reception. If you’re not sure what to order... Read more

Answers to your wedding buffet questions

Choosing a buffet for your wedding instead having a meal served by waiters or waitresses is a great way to cut costs, while also allowing guests to choose what they want to eat. If you’re catering... Read more

Selecting wedding wines your guests will love

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to put together a wine list for your wedding day. A little bit of shopping around and comparing prices should be enough to compile a list of suitable wedding... Read more

Top wedding catering tips

Wedding catering makes a big difference to your wedding reception, and will have a big impact on how guests remember the day. If you’re hiring a venue that has its own catering you may not have... Read more

A couples guide to choosing wedding caterers

Your wedding caterer will make a big difference to the overall success of your wedding reception, so take your time making a decision. Here is a list of questions that you might want to ask when... Read more

Six key wedding catering trends

Couples have a lot more flexibility in planning a wedding than they used to and the traditional sit down wedding breakfast is no longer the only option. Here are six key wedding catering trends for... Read more

Five areas of wedding day catering

Food and drink play an important role in the wedding day so your wedding day catering is likely to be a big concern when you’re planning the wedding. Good food can be the difference between a... Read more

Ten things to keep in mind when deciding on a wedding caterer

If you have hired a venue that does not supply an onsite catering service, then you will have to look for a wedding caterer yourself. You will certainly have some of your own ideas about the type of... Read more

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