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A guide to delivering the perfect grooms speech

You’ve made it through the ceremony - you’re emotional, elated, and now you have to face a pretty important piece of public speaking... It’s no wonder some grooms are nervous about delivering... Read more

Why your dude needs a dudoir shoot

Boudoir? While posing naked in front of a photographer isn't exactly my thing - maybe it's yours! Or better yet - maybe it's your fiance's thing! Get a little cheeky with a 'DUDoir' shoot! Check... Read more

Gift ideas for your groom

Many modern couples will cohabit long before they marry, although many still spend the night before their wedding apart. This long night of separation and preparation means that the moment of meeting... Read more

What is the role of groomsmen in my wedding?

You probably had a lot of your dream wedding planned in your head before the engagement happened. You almost definitely had a list of special people who you wanted to play a big role on your big day,... Read more

The BEST suit looks of the SAG awards 2017

We love a red carpet event, and the SAG awards were no exception. Whether you like a classic or unique look, we've got you covered with all of the best suit looks from the Screen Actors Guild Awards... Read more

Groom’s guide: Why can’t I see my bride in her dress before the wedding?

One of the few things most men DO know about getting married is that you’re not supposed to see the bride in her wedding dress before the big day, but I realised I had no idea why that is. Bad... Read more

10 proposal ideas (that don’t suck)…  

Let’s face it, you don’t pluck up the courage to propose every day. So, as this is, arguably, the biggest decision (and hopefully the best) you will ever make, give the occasion a bit of... Read more

10 tips for nailing your best man speech

You know the saying: you only get one chance to make a first impression? It applies perfectly to wedding speeches, any wedding speeches, but, especially to the best man's speech because, let's face... Read more

How to take the panic out of public speaking

Inspirational speaker, author and seasoned speaking coach Laurie Smale is no stranger to the panic that many people experience from public speaking. He has conquered his fear though, and so can... Read more

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