What is the role of groomsmen in my wedding?

You probably had a lot of your dream wedding planned in your head before the engagement happened. You almost definitely had a list of special people who you wanted to play a big role on your big day, from the maid of honour through to your witnesses. But had you thought about groomsmen? Who would they be or more importantly what they would do? It’s not generally a question that is high up on a new bride’s to-do list, but working out the role of groomsmen in your day can help the whole wedding run more smoothly. We have created a helpful guide to explain what the role of groomsmen entails below.

They provide support to the groom

This can be emotional and practical. From helping him to steady his nerves on the big day to chatting through the challenges or married life beforehand and helping him decide on his perfect suit. Think about how your group of bridesmaids and friends act as your sounding board and shoulder to cry on, this is just the boy version of your girl gang. Your husband to be may want to play the tough guy card but the truth is this is a nervous, exciting and overwhelming experience for him. He needs the support of his best man friends.

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They act as ushers

Ok, so this duty you have probably figured out. On arrival at your ceremony, they help your guests figure out where to take their seat. Traditionally this meant seating the bride’s family on the left and the grooms on the right. However, many modern weddings have let this tradition slip preferring a happy jumble of assorted friends and family. Groomsmen should still be on hand to ensure that people are seated evenly, that the venue fills up from the front and the older guests or those with mobility issues are seated carefully and with appropriate access.

They escort your bridesmaids

This is a sweet tradition that many couples still want to play out. Groomsmen can escort bridesmaids down the aisle, out of the church after the wedding or into the reception venue. They can also join in the first dance with a bridesmaid on hand. If you want to incorporate any or all of these traditions you need to ensure that you have an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, oh and it helps if they get on!

They arrange the stag do

This might be the pre-wedding tradition that you don’t want to look at too closely. The groomsmen headed up by the best man should be responsible for planning and perhaps inflicting the stag celebrations on the groom. For many this now means a weekend away in a foreign city, copious amounts of beer and goodness knows what else. Good groomsmen should keep your beloved out of too much trouble and ensure he arrives home in one piece.

They decorate your getaway car

You know those tin cans rattling behind you, lurid messages painted on the side of the car and various hijinks? It all falls under the remit of groomsmen and bridesmaids. If you’re not planning on making an impressive exit, you may find that the bridal suite gets similar treatment. Smile and remember it is part of them trying to make your wedding unforgettable!

They make the wedding party look dashing

The groomsmen should wear matching suits that tie into the groom’s attire, meaning you should have lots of smartly dressed guys on hand to add polish to your wedding photos. It’s customary for the groomsmen to pay for their own suits as well as being on hand to help with any small jobs throughout the day.

They provide a gift for the groom

Normally given on the morning of the wedding, traditional gifts would include cufflinks or a tie pin. It makes a lot of sense for all the groomsmen to pitch in and buy a meaningful gift for the groom as a group. However they choose to organise it, it’s a way of expressing love and support for the groom on his special day.

Don’t let traditional groomsmen duties hold you back. These guys are there to support you and your groom, so ask them to help with any duties that take the pressure off and let you enjoy your day.

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