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Updated on: March 24, 2022

The Easy Weddings planning toolsEasy Weddings brides have access to six fully-functional (and free) planning tools created to make planning their big days, well, easy!

The core Easy Weddings planning tools include:

Budget Calculator: Brides can keep track of their entire wedding budget via our website. The Budget Calculator will even makes price suggestions for individual items and services based on your overall wedding budget. Input your budget (and then your actual spend) and your budget calculator will provide you with a realistic view of what you’ve already spent and what you still have to spend.

Guest List Manager:
No matter how big or small your wedding will be, you can manage your entire guest list from any Internet connection. You can input special food choices and whether they belong to the bride or groom’s sides. You can even import a list you have in .csv format.

Seating Planner: Seating your guests is a snap with the Easy Weddings drag-and-drop seating planner. You can add round or square tables, as well as items such as the bridal table or the band. It’s a fuss-free, visual way to organize who’s sitting where (and with whom) on your big day.

Checklist: Containing 135 suggestions of what needs to be done, and in what order to do them, your To Do Checklist will ensure stress-free wedding preparations. It’s the ultimate To Do list – and even tells you what needs doing after the wedding and marks off items as completed and incomplete.

Suppliers directory/list: With more than 4000 entries, ours is the biggest list of Australian wedding suppliers of everything from wedding gowns and photographers to venues and florists.

Free wedding website: Keep your friends and loved ones up to date with your latest wedding news via your free wedding website.

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