With the big stuff out of the way, it's time to sweat the small stuff

He Says:

Over the course of the last week we managed to pay the church deposit which was nice and small while Kate has also been arranging a time to meet up with our minister and start discussions on the wedding. I still have no idea what to expect or what is involved in the wedding counseling sessions.

Whenever I hear counseling, I get the impression that someone has a problem, but Kate and I are as happy as ever 😀 Next week we should have the cars finalized and then we can pay the initial deposit for those, leaving most of the major purchases for the wedding done and dusted.

This is starting to get exciting!! I think after the cars, we have the flowers to do and then everything else should be little in comparison, such as the invites and bombonieres.

She Says:

This week we paid the church deposit! Now it’s time to organize a meeting with my minister and talk about the ceremony and wedding counseling sessions. The next thing we have to pay will be the car deposit. This is a very exciting week because everything is starting to come together nicely.

I still have to finalize how long we want the cars for on the day, but I am leaning towards four hours. While writing that I just realized that the number four is still popping up everywhere in relation to our wedding.

It will be our four years and four months together, we are getting married on the fourth, we have four bridesmaids and four groomsmen and now we will be having the cars for four hours. It’s a good sign 🙂

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