The truth about wedding stress dreams

It’s 100% normal to have some stress leading up to your wedding, but is it normal to stress out and have bad dreams or wedding nightmares? We asked some real couples if they suffered from wedding stress dreams in the lead up to their weddings, and if so, what their wedding nightmares were actually about:

“I had that classic naked dream that you have about school”

“You know those dreams you have about showing up to school naked? Well, I had one of those about my wedding. I showed up to have my wedding makeup and hair done at my mum’s house but I wasn’t wearing my robe like I was meant to be… awkward.”

“My dreams were realistic, which made them even more terrifying!”

“My dreams were just suppliers not turning up and things not going to plan on the wedding day, and it was really important to me that things ran smoothly”.

“I forgot to plan my honeymoon”

I dreamt that I forgot to plan our honeymoon – visa applications, passports etc. So in the dream, we’d gotten to the wedding day and were meant to be leaving a few days after. Needless to say, I sorted it out pretty much as soon as I woke up from that nightmare.

“I forgot to book the celebrant”

“I forgot to book the celebrant and so our wedding wasn’t even legal!

“My dad didn’t show up”

“I had a dream that my dad forgot to show up to the wedding to walk me down the aisle. In reality, he’s very reliable and would never be the kind of person to do this, but the dream was pretty upsetting.”

“My mum ruined my wedding”

“I had a dream that my mum sabotaged my wedding, as in the dream she hated my fiance! Luckily this isn’t the case in real life.”

wedding stress dreams

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