Tips for proposing with children involved

Modern proposals and couples often involve children from previous relationships. Instead of being unsure of how to proceed with your proposal when children are present, use these ideas of including them in the fun, and the surprise of the event. Not only will this make your future spouse see how much you accept them, it will also make the children feel special. These ideas also work if both people have children.


Create a treasure hunt

You can create a treasure hunt inside your own home. Try writing clues on simple note cards ahead of time and then have the whole family participate in the finding process. The final clue can be the engagement ring. You can make this clue a bit more exciting and fancy by having the very same gift box at the other locations with either candy or other surprises located inside. This treasure hunt could also take place in your backyard. Be sure not to do it in a public area, just in case someone else stumbles upon the ring before you get there.

Cook a family dinner

Another idea is to make a family dinner; it can be complex or simple or even a BBQ. For dessert consider bringing out a fancy tray with a lid, and under the lid have an engagement ring. You may also want to have surprises for the children that are present, as well, so that they feel included in the event.

Play a family game

You should plan a family game night, but choose games that may be able to be altered with the addition of an engagement ring. One idea is to choose a popomatic game, where the engagement ring can take the place of the dice inside the popper. Be sure to choose a game that is designed for children, so other options would be charades, with your turn being when you “pop” the question.

Have a sandcastle building contest

If you decide to ask her to marry you outdoors, consider going to the beach and having a sandcastle building contest, or some other type of beach-type game contest that everyone will be able to participate in. When the contest is over, have gifts for everyone – from first place to last place. It is a good idea to have the same gift for all the children so no pouting ruins the effect of the proposal. When you give your future spouse their prize, it will be the engagement ring and – Surprise – the perfect proposal.


Write a love song

If you are musically talented, consider writing a love song and purchasing smaller kid-sized instruments for the children to accompany you. You can purchase flutes, tambourines or shakers for your mini-backup band. At the very end of your song, the last of your lyrics should be “will you marry me.” This can be done at your home or outdoors, but a great way to let the children be involved.

‘Will you marry me’ onesie

If you have a baby with your significant other, a popular option is to create a onesie and dress your little one in it that says “will you marry me?” If you have older kids, you can create a t-shirt for each one with a different word in the proposal. This is a great way to involve children and create a fun memory that everyone will be able to look back on.

Grab some sidewalk chalk

Grab some sidewalk chalk and ask the question in the driveway. Let your kids decorate around it however they want. This will be a proposal that is waiting for her when she gets home for work or from running errands that chances are she will never expect. Be sure that you let the little ones in on the secret so they can decorate appropriately.


Bake a cake

Get the kids and make a special cake together. When the cake is done, spell out the question on the cake. You can also choose to do this with cupcakes, cookies or muffins – whatever your future spouse likes best. Be sure that you let the kids actively participate in the making process so they will feel involved and included.

Create a special photo album

Have the kids work with you to create a very special photo album of pictures of you, your partner and the kids throughout your relationship. On the very last page, have a picture of the kids holding a sign asking her to marry you. This is a fun way to propose and something that you can hold on to, in order to look back on when you got engaged.

Each of these ideas is unique and offer a great way to include a child or multiple children in the proposal and engagement. With more and more modern families being blended, it is a great way to create a sense of unity for your future family.


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