20 Professional Marriage Celebrants In Bishop’s Stortford

Bishop’s Stortford is a perfect place for an amazing wedding ceremony. Historic, picturesque and just the right size to have many beautiful locations to choose from. There’s a lot of details involved in planning a wedding ceremony, and no one is better at helping this kind of thing along than a marriage celebrant. They know locations, they know the ins and outs, and what to expect. Most importantly, they know people, and how to run a ceremony. The best thing is, there are lots to choose from these days, all over the UK. Here are the top 20 we could find currently available in Bishop’s Stortford.

The Wedding Maker 

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

Tony Winyard, also known as The Wedding Maker, treats every new couple like an entirely new experience, and is genuinely with you every step of the way. There are not many people in the industry as highly skilled and experienced as The Wedding Maker. A master of ceremonies and independent celebrant with over two thousand weddings under his belt, Tony offers a bespoke, all in one package, emphasising elegance, romance, humour and most importantly, fun. A workhorse in wedding planning.

Caroline Black

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

Caroline Black is an active member of the British Humanist Association, and a perfect choice for a secular wedding occasion. She has a wide range of experience hosting a myriad of events outside of wedding celebrancy as well, including Remembrance Day services for the London Borough of Ealing, and Light Up A Life for the North London Hospice.As a humanist, she believes in the good aspects of what it means to be human – the connectedness of all us, generosity, honesty and good will. Once described as the atheist ‘Vicar of Dibley’, which for the right people is as good as testimonials get.

Yvonne Bracken-Kemish 

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For those looking for something non-traditional, but still special and with loads of family and friends watching on with smiles on their faces, a humanist wedding can really make the day even more memorable than it was already bound to be. As with all humanist weddings, it should be mentioned that the legal issuing of a marriage certificate also needs to be completed at the Register office. Another brilliant option for those interested in a humanist wedding, is Yvonne Bracken-Kemish. Yvonne is a part of the Sutton Humanists group, and she understands that no two wedding ceremonies are the same, and everyone has a different idea of what they want their day to be like.

Sue Dowell

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

On your special day, it’s all about you! Sue is the amazing celebrant behind Sue Dowell Celebrancy, a bespoke celebrancy service with options tailored just for you. Leading up to your special day, Sue Dowell will consult with you one on one and get to know you as people, working with you to create a ceremony that is word for word your own, unique, personalised service. A bonus to working with Sue Dowell is the flexibility on venue and style – you can have your wedding literally anywhere, and it can be as traditional or distinctly non-traditional as you please.

Unique Ceremony

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

Gwen, the charming celebrant behind Unique Ceremony, is not professionally linked to any church, religious or humanist organisations, meaning that she can perform literally any ceremony you like, be it secular, religious or something really non-traditional. Gwen is a versatile and independent celebrant, ready and willing to perform any manner of ceremony as well as weddings, such as a baby naming, an adoption ceremony, vow renewals, among others, but she really shines when it comes to weddings.The best thing about Gwen is her versatility and her independence from affiliations.

Rachel Dale 

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

Rachel decided to train in celebrancy with the idea of offering a more personal touch, feeling disillusioned with how impersonal some ceremonies can be when done by someone who doesn’t engage or believe in the service. A real creative, Rachel has an extensive professional background in acting, meaning she will be bringing a level of competence, confidence and flair to the role that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. She also has a background in writing, which helps immensely in nailing down the perfect way to articulate what you want to say or be said on your special day. Rachel Dale is an independent celebrant with a charming twist and a unique background.

Martin Shaw

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

Martin Shaw is one of those civil celebrants who instead of just staying in that part of the industry signing papers and getting people through the door, wanted to make a real difference and help people’s wedding days be something more, something truly special. For many people in today’s society, a religious ceremony doesn’t truly reflect who they are as people, and that’s exactly what a wedding ceremony should do. Some people also like to plan their whole day out to the letter, which is often not an option with traditional ceremonies. With Martin, all of this is possible, and more.


marriage celebrants bishops stortford

A ceremony with WeddingsBlessingsFunerals can be performed anywhere, from a church to inside a hot air balloon, and anywhere on the spectrum in between. Claire Hawksbridge is the celebrant behind WeddingsBlessingsFunerals, an independent and interfaith celebrancy service, specialising in unique, tailored services and spiritual counselling. Claire doesn’t specialise in a particular kind of ceremony, and prefers to tailor the experience she provides to you, your preferences and your beliefs.

It’s All About the Day

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

Most importantly, it’s about your day, no one else’s. This means that the ceremony itself can really include anything as long it means something important to you. You might want to involve poetry or music that is special to you, or maybe you want to hold the ceremony somewhere close to your heart that a traditional church based ceremony could not accommodate. Anita Koch can make it happen. A service providing beautiful and unique ceremonies, started by the well respected professional celebrant Anita Koch. It really is all about the day.

Kate Deverell

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

Whether you want to have an intimate ceremony somewhere outside, like a forest or a beach, or you want to have a big event in a hall in your home town, or anything between and beyond, Kate will be there to help you along every step of the way. Bespoke is Kate Deverell’s speciality, and she absolutely loves her work. Organising, creating and executing a tailor made ceremony from the ground up, treating each new couple like a brand new challenge, Kate takes great joy in the process of getting to know you, your love story, and then using that to craft the perfect event.

Linda Morgan 

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

It is easy to see why, when you have amazing people like the lovely Linda Morgan on the list of humanist celebrants out there, ready to work with you in creating the absolute best ceremony suited to you. The legalities are not as important as the event itself, as a short trip to the civil registrar can sort those out, leaving you to enjoy your ceremony in comfort and peace, and most of all, true love. While Humanist weddings in England are not yet legally recognised on their own, they are massively on the rise in popularity, becoming more and more people’s choice every single day.

Rosemary Taylorson 

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

Rosemary is a rare talent in the celebrancy space. A trained and professional humanist celebrant, Rosemary is all about creating intimacy through deeply personalised ceremonies crafted alongside you and with your advice and friendship. Looking for that elegant, dignified wedding ceremony of your dreams? But maybe you don’t want to go with the rigid conventions of an absolutely traditional wedding? It’s hard sometimes to strike a balance. No one strikes that balance like Rosemary Taylorson.

Jennie Shotton 

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

After her own wedding ceremony, in which the celebrant hosting it made her day that much more special and memorable, Jennie Shotton decided that she wanted to do for others what they did for her, so she became a celebrant to spread the love and positivity that often comes when working with one as professional as Jennie. Jennie is a professional celebrant from the fellowship of professional celebrants, and she will work with you closely and personally to create and design the ceremony not that you feel you should have, but the one you want in your heart.

Vivienne Donnithorne 

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

In her ceremonies, Vivienne likes to focus on the common values held among us all, focusing on humanity, family, warmth and love. A truly great celebrant for anyone looking to celebrate their love and commitment who aren’t looking for a religion based  ceremony. Vivienne Donnithorne is a celebrant who really loves her work, and it shows. Vivienne has been conducting humanist ceremonies for over two decades, and in that time her passion for celebrating life and love through crafting bespoke ceremonies has never gone away.

Roxy Hotten 

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

Roxy is the perfect celebrant for any young couple looking for someone who understands them and is listening. An honest, refreshing and charmingly bubbly celebrant is Roxy Hotten. Roxy writes and delivers ceremonies that are full of humour, life, unique aspects pertaining to each couple and their experience, but most of all, they’re full of love. A truly passionate individual who brings a streak of fresh fun to every ceremony.

Kate Gee 

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

Kate Gee uses her passion for working with people, mixed with her humanist beliefs, to create ceremonies that are bespoke, interesting and entertaining. While Kate is a humanist herself, she acknowledges that you don’t have to be humanist as well simply to have a humanist ceremony. Humanism is relevant to everyone, even the deeply and devoutly religious, because it is simply about celebrating life, love, and the interconnectedness between us all.

Mark Hayford 

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There are many reasons folks get into the business of celebrancy. Mark is another celebrant who came to the job from a solemn occasion, but it was a positive connection with the celebrant who inspired him that brought him over, and that celebrant is now a colleague and a friend. Mark finds conducting ceremonies, particularly weddings, moving and uplifting. Over a decade’s experience, and for Mark it never gets old.

Ros Curtis 

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

An honest and friendly humanist celebrant, with 13 years conducting ceremonies, Ros came to the industry through a solemn and tragic occasion – her own parents’ passing. After this special event in her life, Ros Curtis did some research, and discovered that celebrants can also celebrate moments of great joy, conducting weddings and name givings as well as more solemn occasions, and has since gone on to develop a great passion for helping couples in love celebrate their special day.

Vows That Wow 

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

The celebrant behind Vows That Wow – Michael – is a warm, open armed professional who really knows what he’s doing and makes you feel like you’re in safe hands. The inclusivity of Vows That Wow, as well as their experience and impeccable professionalism, is the reason they’re one of the biggest names out there in marriage celebrancy today. Vows That Wow is a special, bespoke service for those looking for a civil wedding with that extra special ingredient that makes it a truly memorable experience.

A Civil Ceremony 

marriage celebrants bishops stortford

A true professional who loves his work, Peter Headington from A Civil Ceremony is a great choice for your wedding ceremony. Peter offers a huge choice of options for the ceremony on your most special of days. Every ceremony is designed from the ground up by Peter in consultation with you, and performed by him personally.

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