Top 6 Professional Marriage Celebrants In Stalybridge

You’re getting married soon, congratulations! We here at Easy Weddings absolutely love the engagement period, where you get to plan that amazing day down to the slightest detail. There is so much to do, but that just means you can make the day that little bit more special. If every detail is down to you, you can make it exactly how you always envisioned it. With this responsibility can sometimes come a fair bit of anxiety however. There’s so many options to choose from and the choices can be a bit overwhelming. We’re here to help with that! We’ve compiled a list of 6 marriage celebrants currently available in Stalybridge, all of which know how to make the choices that suit you best. Sit back for a few minutes and relax, knowing that one of these people might be the person that marries you.

Barbara Stringer

marriage celebrants Staybridge

Barbara Stringer has quite a lot to offer professionally as an independent celebrant. Whether you’re looking for a simple civil ceremony, or something larger and a little different, Barbara will work with you to make it happen in a way that you didn’t even know was possible. This is what real professional celebrants do, they take their vast expertise and put it to use to create something unique based around your beliefs, needs, and the story of your love and commitment. Trained by the UK College of Celebrancy, and of course an accredited full member of the well known Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, Barbara is a real pro, and the best thing is, she truly loves her work. Every new couple is a new experience for her, a new challenge and a real and genuine pleasure.

Janice Thornton

marriage celebrants Staybridge

After a long and successful career in the public sector, Janice decided that she would move into celebrancy, wanting to work more intimately with people. A humanist in belief, Janice takes customers from all backgrounds and beliefs, believing personally that all people should have the opportunity to commit to one another in the way that they choose. The first thing you’ll notice while working with Janice, is that she just simply loves what she does. Working with new couples, helping them realise their wedding ceremony dreams, and being invited to share in their special moment and celebration of their love, Janice sees all of it as a real privilege. For her, it’s all about people, and there’s no one she wants to work with more than people in love who are ready to commit to each other.

Tailor Made Ceremonies 

marriage celebrants Staybridge

Tailor Made like to make sure that each ceremony feels like it was created by you and your loved one, and it will be. Tailor Made are just here to help make sure it was everything you hoped it would be. Tailor Made Ceremonies is that rare service that when you look at their background, they really have it all. A husband and wife team driven by the desire to tell a new love story each time they conduct a ceremony. Between them they have extensive experience in event management, public speaking and creative writing. You couldn’t make up a better combination than that for designing and conducting unique ceremonies tailored to each new couple. Give them a call today if you want something truly tailor made for you, something for you and by you, but in a way you never knew you could create.

Love Me Do

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Caroline Ash is a very skilled and confident public speaker and has a certificate in Marriage and Family Celebrancy. The whole package! Caroline is the celebrant behind Love Me Do, A charming service based originally out of Isle of Wight. The best thing about Caroline is her passion for the work – for her every new couple is a whole new experience and a new opportunity to celebrate love. Caroline Ash loves how important ceremonies can be and the opportunity to be involved in celebrating someone else’s love story, and she uses these opportunities to create meaningful, powerful and moving ceremonies that those attending remember forever. Give her a call today!

Cari Edwards 

marriage celebrants Staybridge

Most people are pretty new to the idea of bespoke ceremonies existing outside of the cathedral, but Cari knows all too well the rich world of independent celebrancy that goes back in other parts of the world a whopping four decades or more. Cari is an independent celebrant with a real professional mindset and a friendly nature. Working with you long before the day, Cari will build up a rapport with you and partner, and help craft a ceremony that reflects you as people, your beliefs, your love story, however you want it presented. Cari is a warm and kind people person who you certainly won’t regret contacting should you decide she is the celebrant for you.

Christopher Courtney 

marriage celebrants Staybridge

Name your vision for what your ceremony should be like. The ceremony of your dreams. Looking for something elegant and traditional? Christopher has more than enough experience to help you get there. Looking for something quirkier and alternative, with a smattering of humour and earthiness? He can help with that as well. Whatever it is, Christopher has the experience and the willingness to help you make it the best day of your life.Christopher Courtney is a versatile, flexible celebrant who will help tailor your ceremony to your own ideas and specifications. Structure the event how you want it to be structured, and where you want to do it, and Chris will join the dots in a way you never even thought possible. Don’t hesitate to contact him, he is a real professional with a great list of testimonials, meaning he’s made a lot of couples very happy.

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