Your guide to bridal party gifts

The bridal party are your wedding support crew. There not only to share in your day, but to add valuable support and practical assistance. It’s important then, to say a great big thank you to those people who help make your day truly special. Here’s your guide to bridal party gifts.

Common gift-giving practice

It’s traditional to do this through a small gift or token given at the wedding reception, often presented during the bride or groom’s speech. Common presents include engraved tankards for the men and jewellery for women –  but modern tokens can include anything and everything your favourite people may love. Read on for some wedding party gift ideas which will say thank you in style.


Give the amazing women in your life something special on your wedding day to show them how much you care. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you’d like to receive. Then, give gifts that reflect how much you value their friendship. Always include a little something extra for your maid of honour, and don’t be afraid to step away from tradition if you find a gift your bridesmaids will love.


Ok, so it’s an obvious choice but also a really flexible one. You can choose matching or completely individual pieces for each bridesmaid and personalise them with engraving. Suitable for tiny gift budgets and lavish ones you will find a piece that matches their taste and style. A sweet way to play out this idea is with matching bracelet charms, helping your bridesmaids carry a piece of your wedding with them wherever they go.

An experience package

Sometimes an experience beats ‘things’ hands down. If your best girls are the type that already have everything, then why not organise a spa trip or wine tasting to say thank you and enjoy some post-wedding relaxation. If you’re on a tight budget, this can be as simple as cooking everyone a dinner at home. Just a little something to show how much you care.


Simple, pretty and always effective, flowers are great especially if you have a lot of bridesmaids to cater for. Personalise this gift with a beautiful hand written note or poem for some extra wow factor.

A compact

A beautiful compact is a thing to treasure always. Small enough to slip in your bag, it comes everywhere with you. Choose engraved or personalised designs and it will be something that forever reminds your bridesmaids of your friendship.


Share your favourite scent with your favourite women. Have bottles of your signature perfume beautifully wrapped, and hand them out to your bridesmaids on the morning of your big day. That way not only will you all smell divine, it will create a special memory to be recalled whenever they spritz!


Why are boys so much harder to buy for than girls? It’s an age-old gifting problem, but one that can be neatly sidestepped with some creative thinking. Give gifts that are useful, personal, and thoughtful on your big day. Make sure your best man gets an extra or larger gift to reflect his contribution to the wedding.


Most men carry a wallet; making this a practical gift that is always a crowd pleaser. Have the groomsman’s initials stamped into the leather for a cool but discreet personal touch, transforming this into a special gift just for him.

Hip flask

This is just a little bit cooler that the traditional engraved tankard often given at weddings, and really when is the last time you saw anyone drink out of a tankard? Available in every fabric, design, and colour imaginable, choose a hip flask that will make your groomsmen smile.

Whiskey stones

A fun idea that is a little bit different from the norm. Whiskey stones are the cooled rocks used to keep the iconic tipple cold. Have each rock engraved with the name of a groomsman, including the groom himself. This works best with a handful of groomsmen, and between four and six rocks make the ideal gift.

A tie pin

Tie pins are one of the coolest ways to accessorise a sharp suit and are more visual than the classic gift of cufflinks. Choose vintage or modern tie pins and have them engraved on the back with your groomsman’s initials or the date of your wedding. A beautiful and highly personal way to say thank you.

A ‘boys night in’ box

This is a unique gift that you can create yourself on a budget. Package crisps, beer, and a selection of treats or DVDs in a box to create a ready-made night in for your groomsmen. Personalise each one to reflect the taste of your best boys and add a note thanking them for their contribution.

It’s easy to get so focused on your wedding that you forget you aren’t the only one putting a huge amount of effort and emotion into your day. Thank your support team in style with great groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts.

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