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How long should a wedding speech be?

The rings have been exchanged, the photos have been snapped, and everyone is enjoying the eat, drink, and be merry section of your wedding day... and then come the speeches. They can be... Read more

The ins and outs of the all-important wedding speech

Wedding speeches are an important part of your day. An opportunity not only to thank your guests and toast your happiness but to mark the importance of the occasion by preparing something meaningful... Read more

What to say in the perfect maid of honour speech

While the spotlight will be shining on the bride on her wedding day, there is one moment where you, as the maid of honour, will get to revel in a bit of a special moment - the all-important... Read more

What are you meant to say in your wedding toast?

You've been bestowed the honour of giving a toast at a wedding - cue the freakout! While standing up in front of a room full of people is not the idea of fun for a huge percentage of the population,... Read more

Best man duties: everything you need to know

Your partner has chosen his best man and he has thrown himself, feet and all, into planning for the stag do. But, as you know, there are a few other duties best men also take on when they agree to... Read more

A guide to delivering the perfect grooms speech

You’ve made it through the ceremony - you’re emotional, elated, and now you have to face a pretty important piece of public speaking... It’s no wonder some grooms are nervous about delivering... Read more

Everything you need to know about writing wedding vows

Your wedding is one of the few opportunities you have to publically declare your feelings for your partner. It’s no surprise then that for many couple identikit vows just aren’t going to cut it... Read more

How to write unforgettable wedding vows

So your partner has suggested it might be a good idea to write your own wedding vows and at first, you... Read more

Video: seven grooms who nailed their wedding speeches

With mobile phones and tablets sometimes outnumbering people, there are cameras everywhere and, though it can be annoying, we're glad that some of these fabulous wedding speeches were caught on... Read more

How to write a (kick-ass) bridesmaid speech!

In the past, only the father-of-the-bride, the groom and the best man tended to give wedding speeches but, today, it could also be the bride, her mother, a close friend or, of course, her... Read more

Sweet wedding vows that’ll make you want to happy cry (not ugly cry)…

Let’s face it, as corny as they may seem, who doesn’t love wedding vows that make you feel a little teary? Yes, funny vows are all the rage at the moment, as are wedding vows enmeshed with pop... Read more

10 tips for nailing your best man speech

You know the saying: you only get one chance to make a first impression? It applies perfectly to wedding speeches, any wedding speeches, but, especially to the best man's speech because, let's face... Read more

Funny wedding vows to include in your ceremony

Your wedding vows are not only one of the highlights of your big day, they’re also a public declaration of your love for your spouse-to-be - but that doesn’t mean they can’t be funny or, at... Read more

Ten top tips for a fabulous first dance

Some couples view their first dance on a terror scale that’s equaled only by public speaking. I... Read more

10 wedding toasts so horrible, it’s difficult to believe they’re real

They say most people fear public speaking more than death itself and, in the case of some of these truly awkward, sometimes inappropriate  - and very real-life - wedding speeches and toasts, we... Read more

The art of delivering a bride’s wedding speech

In modern society the bride's speech is becoming almost as common as the groom's speech, and many modern brides feel it is their duty to get up and say a few words. The bride's speech, typically,... Read more

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