The art of delivering a bride’s wedding speech

Joyful bride speaks at banquet on her wedding

In modern society the bride’s speech is becoming almost as common as the groom’s speech, and many modern brides feel it is their duty to get up and say a few words.

The bride’s speech, typically, comes at the end of the speeches, so that it can have a lasting impact on the guests. As the bride’s speech is not a traditional wedding speech, there is no formal order or expectations that come with it. You might see this as an opportunity to have fun and get creative with your speech, or if you are stuck for ideas you can use the following format below as a guide.

Start with a ‘thank you’ section

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Even if your husband and the best man have already expressed their thanks to the guests and the wedding party, it doesn’t hurt to add your personal thanks as well. Here are some of the categories of people you could thank:

  • Thank all your guests for coming and for their kind wedding gifts. You could also thank them for making the effort to look so wonderful.
  • Thank guests that have travelled a long way to join you on your special day. If you only have a few out of town guests you could mention them individually, but if you have a lot just give a range of places that guests have travelled from.
  • Mention guests that couldn’t make it for a specific reason, and if it is because of something positive such as they’ve just had a baby, make sure you share the good news with your guests.
  • Thank guests that have made a particularly valuable contribution to the wedding
  • Thank the groom’s parents for welcoming you into their family

Slip in an anecdote or two

Funny or cute stories are great in a bride speeches, but leave the embarrassing anecdotes for the best man. You could talk about how you met the groom, when you realised that he was the one, or when you got engaged. You could also tell a funny story from the engagement party or the run up to the wedding.

You can talk a little about your thoughts and feelings on love, marriage, or being a wife, and there are plenty of funny poems or readings about husbands, wives, and marriage that you can turn to if you can’t find the words yourself.

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Address the groom

Even a light-hearted bride speeches should include a section about your feelings for the groom. Tell him how happy he makes you and the ways in which he has changed your life and your views. Thank him for making you the happiest wife in the world.

End with a toast

All good wedding speeches end with a toast, and as you will be the last speech you will probably have to wait and see who has been toasted already. It’s a good idea to toast your new husband, but if this has already been done you can just raise a general toast to all of your guests and the people that have helped out with the wedding.

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