8 out-of-the box ideas for your wedding

There’s a point in our lives when we reach ‘wedding season’; where you find that a lot of your friends, family or work colleagues are all getting married around the same time.

For some, it can be a great excuse to have a party every second weekend. But if you’re getting married it can also be extremely stressful to make sure that your wedding is going to stand out from the crowd.

Weddings should be about you and your partner. Whether you’re having a traditional wedding, boho theme or even going down the alternative route, making your wedding feel like you can make it even more special.

Thankfully, there are so many services that you can hire if you are looking for alternative wedding ideas. Whether it’s selecting a specific venue or choosing more personalised details, you can make your day both magical and unforgettable.

Glamping or celebrating in a castle

Have a few guests coming from out-of-town? Why not wow them with a bit of different accommodation? There’s nothing quite as regal as celebrating your big day at a castle. And there are definitely plenty to choose from!

On the other hand, glamping has become hugely popular over the last few years and is a great way to spend the night of your wedding.

High tea

Want something a bit more casual than a wedding cake, but something a tad fancier than a candy bar? Then why not go for high tea?

Often reserved for bridal showers, high tea can actually be a perfect way to celebrate your wedding in a unique style. You can sit down to a glam picnic with your nearest and dearest or decorate your reception area with delicious treats and decor. Whatever your choice, your guests are sure to remember it!


If you really want to give your guests something to remember then undercover entertainment is the way to go! Just imagine the surprise on your guest’s faces when their waiter suddenly burst into song!

Or go for your entertainment on a wider stage. Whether it’s a magician, acrobat, poet, painter or portrait caricatures, there are plenty of ways to entertain your guests at your wedding. Not only does this take the pressure off you to make sure that everyone is having fun, but it can also be a great way to collect fun and fresh keepsakes of your perfect day.

Light up letters

Whether you’re after a bit of LOVE or you want your initials for the big day, light up letters can add a bit of fun to your wedding.

They’re a great addition to your wedding photos, look great both indoors and outdoors, and can be a fun place for your guests to congregate and take their own images later in the night.

Plus, they’re another sweet way of making your day that bit more personalised.


When it comes to unique features it’s hard to overlook a good balloon feature. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a different type of backdrop, archway, centrepiece or even a balloon replica of yourself.

Your guests will already see balloons in the light of other celebrations so why not show them how elegant they can be for a wedding celebration as well?

Giant games

Want to make sure you’re not worrying about your friends and family while you’re getting your wedding photos done? Why not make sure that they have some way to entertain themselves?

Particularly for rustic or outdoor weddings, giant games can be a great way to celebrate in the outdoors and keep your guests occupied. From giant chess to giant Jenga, there’s something for every kid and inner-kid to love. And who can forget the jumping castle!?


Want your wedding to go off with a bang? Why not hire some fireworks? You can go with a host of indoor pyrotechnics to light up your first dance or even chat to companies that do outdoor fireworks (this is also a great way of making sure you’re doing everything by the book too!)

Everyone knows that fireworks are reserved for the most special events, so give your wedding the credit it deserves and see that your night ends as one to remember.

Just chat to your venue first to make sure you’re not going to set off any surprises!

Food or drink trucks

Food trucks don’t have to be reserved for festivals, there are plenty that are available to hire out for your wedding! Whether you’ve decided to order in your own catering for the entire event or just want to have something a bit different for your dessert, food trucks are a great way to go.

You get to pick the cuisine that you want and they’re all in a mobile setting which means no setup or pack down for you. It’s a win-win!

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