7 quirky twists on wedding traditions

Traditions are what helps us recognise a wedding as a wedding. However, there is no one size fits all wedding, and while a traditional approach may feel perfect for one couple; it might not reflect the needs or beliefs of the next. Make your wedding all about your partnership by redefining tradition in a way that feels right for you. Here’s our favourite quirky twists on wedding traditions.

The cake

Let’s face it – not everyone will absolutely love the idea of three tiers of fruitcake. The days of giant formal cakes are numbered with couples opting for more casual and interactive options to make their day stand out. Cupcakes are a fun to eat choice, or choose a naked cake that reflects the easiness of an informal wedding. Or, forget the sweet element altogether with tiers of your favourite cheeses, or go for a dessert bar with a little bit of what everyone fancies.

Walking down the aisle

Some couples feel uncomfortable with the concept of the bride being ‘given away’ which relates to a (thankfully) long past era where women were treated as property. Make an entrance with your father by walking down the aisle hand in hand to symbolise the equality of your union. Or, ask both parents to walk down with you, recognising the equality of their contribution to your life. Essentially don’t go with tradition for traditions sake; do what feels right.

The dress

It’s your wedding, which means you get to wear whatever you want. It does not have to be white or ivory – it doesn’t even have to be a dress! If you find a jumpsuit, skirt and top, or suit that you love – then go for it. You might find the dress of your dreams in head turning red or soft pink. If it feels right, wear it! Brides around the world are breaking the mould when it comes to bridal attire – join the movement and wave goodbye to the meringue. (Click here to see wedding attire for non-traditional brides).

The bouquet

Getting married is probably not the at the top of your single girlfriend’s ambition list, so the idea of winning the bouquet and the ‘prize’ of the next husband feels pretty outdated. If this tradition feels uncomfortable to you and your friends, you can exclude it altogether or take it another way by presenting the bouquet to the woman or couple that inspires you the most.

The guest book

A guest book is a lovely thing, and capturing the best wishes of your family and friends on your wedding day is particularly important. However, some couples are moving beyond a dust gathering book to more unique ways of catching these sentiments. This could include an old-fashioned typewriter that allows guests to type in messages of love, or a polaroid picture wall that encourages them to share snaps alongside their thoughts.

The drinks reception

Champagne and canapes can be a great idea; but if you are a fun-loving couple it can feel a bit staid and formal. Bend the rules and have a games based drinks reception or treasure hunt that gets guests interacting before they sit down to dinner. Alternately, introduce an entertainment element to your drinks reception and make your wedding stand out.

The toast

Prosecco or champagne is the traditional way to toast the health of a newly minted bride or groom. Do things your own way by opting for a signature cocktail, beer, or soft drink that you love. Give guests props or cards to interact with through the numerous toasts and get your guests smiling through the speeches.

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