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Name changing 101: what you need to know

When you were young, you may have played around with what you might call yourself if you were to marry your crush. Chances are, you probably swapped your last name for theirs (and drew it inside a... Read more

What to do immediately before AND after your wedding

If you're just weeks away from your big day, we can imagine you're starting to sweat a little. However, we've got your back! If you've followed and used the Easy Weddings To-Do List up until now,... Read more

What NOT to DIY for your wedding

Toying with the idea of hosting a DIY wedding? While it's a great idea to tap into your creativity, DIYing certain elements can be more effort and cost than its worth. Here's what NOT to DIY for your... Read more

How to lay solid foundations for your wedding planning

Despite just about everyone being an event planner or a wedding planner these days, it's hard to gauge where to start when it comes to planning your own wedding. Here's our simple guide to... Read more

Jewish wedding traditions you probably don’t know

There are many traditions and superstitions that exist within Jewish weddings that you mightn’t even be aware of. Here’s a brief overview of the Jewish wedding traditions you may not already... Read more

How to avoid a wedding vendor disaster (dresses edition)

Bridal forums across the US are up in arms (and rightly so) due to the bridal chain Alfred Angelo unexpectedly closing its doors and declaring bankruptcy - leaving thousands of brides in the lurch,... Read more

The ins and outs of vow renewals

You may have been together for a year, five, 10, 25 or 50, but there is no time limit on when or how often you can profess your love for one another. The beauty of vow renewals is that, unlike a... Read more

How to tell someone they won’t be in the bridal party

You will have a lot of fun and make many precious memories with your bridal party as you navigate your way through planning towards the big day. But choosing just who will stand beside you can be a... Read more

How to tell wedding guests things they don’t want to hear

Designing a wedding for you, your fiance and dozens, maybe even hundreds, of guests means that what you choose for your big day might not suit all of them. What it means, though, is that you might... Read more

The top 5 wedding planning priorities you need to know

You're engaged: Now what?! You have five things you've got to do first. You will be spending most of your time over the next few weeks gushing over the ring, hypothetically planning your wedding and... Read more

Modern wedding vows for the minimalist couple

If you and your partner are bucking a few traditions for your upcoming wedding, the decision to forego the "With this ring, I thee wed" is an easy one. But, coming up with some of your... Read more

How to make the most of your court house wedding

Having a court house wedding doesn't necessarily have to mean missing out on all the extras that make weddings so special. Here's how to make the most of your court house wedding. [caption... Read more

Intimate weddings: how to include those who can’t be there

Sometimes a small, intimate affair is just what you and your partner want when you get married. It could be an elopement with just the two of you, or a small destination wedding with a guest list of... Read more

How to announce the wedding is off

 If you find yourself Googling how to announce your wedding is off - I sincerely apologise. Look at the bright side - at least you didn't have to go through a wedding just to get divorced 72 days... Read more

How social media has changed weddings

Those married in the days before social media will know the pain of having to stick post-it notes inside bulk wedding magazines, cutting things out to make a vision board, and having to call... Read more

What I wish I knew about wishing well weddings

If you have been living together for a while, you may already have everything you need for day to day living. So, when it comes to your wedding, you may opt to have a wishing well rather than leaving... Read more

How to embrace a wet weather wedding

A lot of people think of it as the worst case scenario, but it’s something that any bride planning an outdoor wedding should be thinking about: a plan B for when it rains. While the great outdoors... Read more

How to spruce up your intimate wedding

Although the definition of what constitutes a intimate wedding is up for debate, what is certain is that having a more private affair opens up a world of opportunities that simply aren't possible... Read more

10 reasons to start a wedding website

We spend a huge chunk of our lives online and when you are planning a wedding, you're likely to spend even more time glued to the screen. It makes sense, then, to put together a website that is all... Read more

6 must-see wedding trends for summer 2017

With wedding season in full swing it’s time to take a closer look at the trends taking this summer by storm. Whether you’re in the midst of final wedding planning or you recently said ‘Yes!’... Read more

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