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A guide to wedding guest etiquette

Wedding guest etiquette can be difficult to get a grip on. A mixture of old traditions, new ideas, and the individual beliefs can make for a shifting etiquette landscape that changes from wedding to... Read more

Everything you need to know about writing wedding vows

Your wedding is one of the few opportunities you have to publically declare your feelings for your partner. It’s no surprise then that for many couple identikit vows just aren’t going to cut it... Read more

10 signs that you’ve found ‘the one’

Everyone dreams of finding the perfect match. The person you will marry and that you hope you will grow old with. In short, they are 'The One'. So how exactly do you know when you have met them? Will... Read more

20 romantic first dance songs

Weddings have so many different important elements to them. There is picking the right venue, flowers, cake, the rings, and of course, there is picking the perfect wedding dress. Each of these... Read more

The pros and cons of a ‘first look’

Stealing a moment with your fiance before walking down the aisle in what is known as the first look is becoming more popular with couples. But there are both pros and cons of including a first look... Read more

Post-wedding traditions from around the world

Keeping up with all of the traditions involved with an engagement, wedding... Read more

How to survive your first year of marriage

When the confetti has been thrown and your honeymoon bags are unpacked, the normality of life sets in and you truly begin your married life. Here are some tips to help you survive your first year... Read more

How do I decide who can bring a plus-one to my wedding – and who cannot?

Choosing who can and who cannot bring a plus-one to your wedding can be a painful decision,... Read more

How to avoid family dramas on your wedding day

Every family has their issues, but wedding are meant to be a time of... Read more

How to pull off the ultimate Gatsby wedding

Gatsby style is all about the roaring 20s: plush, lavish and elegant. Sounds too much for... Read more

Modern vs traditional: 8 big wedding etiquette questions answered

Wedding traditions and etiquette vary from generation to generation, but they also change from time to time. Here are 10 wedding etiquette traditions explained alongside their modern equivalents.... Read more

10 things nobody tells you about being a best man

Playing the role of best man at a wedding is much more than just ordering the beers at the stag do. With it comes great responsibility and a whole host of other aspects that you probably never... Read more

(Hilarious) old world marriage advice: how to keep your man happy

Congratulations! You're engaged. Brace yourself not just for your wedding planning, but also a torrent of (well-intentioned) marriage advice that is bound to come your way. However, hopefully,... Read more

10 proposal ideas (that don’t suck)…  

Let’s face it, you don’t pluck up the courage to propose every day. So, as this is, arguably, the biggest decision (and hopefully the best) you will ever make, give the occasion a bit of... Read more

Why is there an ‘r’ in Mrs?

Just wondering, why is there an... Read more

10 pre-wedding beauty questions answered

Pre-wedding beauty treatments often need to be planned well in advance and strategically booked around a bride's busy schedule. For brides who aren't quite sure about things like teeth whitening or... Read more

10 wedding superstitions explained

Ever wondered what 'something old' and 'something new' is all about? When it comes to getting married, there are many superstitions and traditions that people adhere to - but not everyone really... Read more

Social media wedding etiquette for modern couples

Once upon a time, newly engaged couples would announce their big engagement news in the local newspaper. These days, however, most modern couples turn to social media to spread the word. But,... Read more

Eight things you should know about having your wedding dress custom-made

Off-the-rack wedding gowns aren't for every bride. Perhaps you have a very specific dress in mind, one you cannot find ready-made, or, maybe, just once in your life, you want to experience having... Read more

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