10 inevitable wedding problems (and why not to care)

The phrase ‘perfect day’ is thrown around far too casually when it comes to weddings. It’s inevitable under the weight of this expectation that things can and will go wrong. Even the most organised bride will have to deal with people, weather, and suppliers that are outside of her control. The answer, embrace a little chaos in the midst of your wedding day. Here’s 10 inevitable wedding problems you’ll encounter (and why you shouldn’t care).

Someone will be late

Car trouble? Babysitter trouble? Alarm didn’t go off and I can’t remember where I put all my clothes trouble? There will be varied and wild excuses, but at least one guest or supplier will show up maddeningly late. Focus on your schedule and build in contingencies for those members of the wedding party that have a reputation for showing up tardy. Don’t get angry and don’t let negativity impact on your day.

There will be an argument

Put a number of distant and close relatives in a room, add in alcohol, and you have yourself a family row. This scenario is so common it has become a wedding cliche. Most disagreements will be minor and smoothed over easily, but rise above it and trust in some close friends or family to smooth it out for you. Try and avoid this scenario by paying close attention to your seating chart.

Someone will be embarrassing

But Uncle Jim always does his funny dance at weddings, it’s just his thing. Or, the best man thought a rude joke would make his speech funnier. Give enough people a public forum and someone will end up red faced. Laugh it off and embrace it as a memory of your wedding that you aren’t likely to forget in a hurry.

Someone won’t show up

You’ve carefully planned your seating charts, food and transport requirements then someone just doesn’t show up on the day. It’s infuriating, it can be incredibly rude or it can simply be exceptional and unforeseen circumstances. Try not to sweat it; a few less in numbers will have a limited impact on your overall plans.

Things will be spilled

All that beautiful wedding food and free flowing wine mean one thing, spillages. For guests and the wedding party who have spent hours getting ready this can seem like the end of the world. It isn’t, ensure you have a comprehensive spillage kit on standby and no one’s enjoyment of the day will be dampened.

The weather won’t cooperate

It’s too hot, it’s too cold, the sun isn’t right for photos or worst of all, it’s RAINING. You can guarantee that at some point throughout your day the weather won’t cooperate with your plans and if you’re getting married in the UK it’s possible to have all seasons in one day. Get prepped with golf umbrellas that can double as parasols and if all else fails, laugh about it; after all complaining about the weather is our national sport.

You will cry

Happy or stressed tears are par for the course on your wedding day. It’s an emotional, exhausting and generally overwhelming experience. Remember that waterproof mascara is your friend and carry a touch up kit with you wherever you go.

Someone will drink too much

Weddings can be long days and it’s easy for the odd guest or member of the wedding party to drain one too many glasses of wine. Hopefully, this just results in some enthusiastic dancing and an early bed, but if anyone gets out of hand it’s worth having a couple of responsible adults on standby with plenty of water.

Someone will turn up dressed inappropriately

It’s surprising how many people’s normal fashion rules go out of the window at a wedding. It might be a white dress or something on the skimpy side, but at least one guest is bound to have a fashion disaster. Try not to worry about it and maybe stand them towards the back during group shots.

It won’t look like you imagined it

The wedding day in your head is never the one that arrives on the day. This is both a good and bad thing and whether the decoration feels a little less impactful than you imagined or the flower displays are on the small side it really doesn’t matter. Embrace it all, this is your wedding day and worrying over minor details will just reduce your enjoyment.

Life isn’t perfect and neither is your wedding. Enjoy it and don’t worry too much about the little things that get away from you.

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