10 things most brides forget to do AFTER the wedding

10 post-wedding to-dos

Regardless of how well you may have planned your big day, now that it’s all over, you can’t just sit around picking confetti from your hair because, believe it or not, there’s still (a little) work to be done! And no, we don’t mean changing your Facebook relationship status – we’re referring to these 10 things most brides forget to do after the wedding.

Send ‘Thank you’ cards

One of the first things most brides forget to do is send out ‘thank you’ cards. Yes, you may have forked out $150 per head on food and drink, but for some guests, that’s only a fraction of the costs they invested to attend your wedding, with bills for flights, accommodation, hire cars, taxis, clothes, wedding gifts and, potentially, time off. The least you can do is send a short, personalised message to each guest or couple, thanking them for their attendance and gift. Set yourself an achievable goal of 10-20 per day, split the task with your new spouse and you’ll be finished in no time. Of course, regardless of how much you’ve spent on your wedding or how much a guest may or may not have spent, it’s always polite to say ‘Thank you‘ – and, frankly, money doesn’t come in to it! Many will have shared with you their precious time – and love, too!

Thank you cards

Hightail it to the dry cleaners

Chances are your wedding dress is the most expensive item of clothing you will ever own. Sure, you might never wear it again, but you might decide to sell it, or even keep it in the family to be passed down your children or grandchildren when they’re ready to tie the knot – vintage never gets old! The longer you wait, the more stubborn those cake stains become, so aim to have it treated within a week of the wedding.

Change your name

Not changing? Go directly to the next point. Do not pass Go! Do not collect Change of Details forms. For those who are, it may come as a surprise that your name doesn’t just mysteriously morph the day after your wedding. You may physically need to take a trip to Medicare, banks and insurance providers with a copy of your marriage certificate though many vendors will allow you to, at least, start the process online.

Stop seeing double

There are only so many Egyptian cotton sheet sets you can have. Pick your favourite three and take the rest back to the shop with the other double ups that are about to cause a landslide in your living room. If you had just organised a registry in the first place, you wouldn’t be in this predicament. But we’re not going to say we told you so.

Wedding gifts

Choose your photos

Depending on the conditions of your photography contract, additional charges may be incurred for orders placed outside a specified time. Pick up some champagne on your way home Friday night, have your wedding playlist ready to go and settle in for a night on the couch with your partner to reminisce and decide which photos you want in what format. After you’ve chosen your personal collection, make a list of any extras for family and friends.

Legals and finance

If you haven’t already had ‘the money talk’,  now’s the time. Are you combining incomes? Will there be joint accounts? How are you consolidating debts? Make a date to visit a trusted lawyer to discuss your financial future and security, and make changes to beneficiaries of superannuation, life insurance and wills. It’s the least exciting item on the to do list, but by far the most important!

Hold the fort

Before heading off on your honeymoon, make sure your house is prepped for your departure. Organise to have a neighbour collect your mail while you’re away so thieves don’t clue onto the fact that nobody’s home. If friends are unable to look after your pets, arrange a reputable shelter for your four-legged friends. Unplug appliances and set bills up on direct debit so you don’t miss any payments.

Overflowing mailbox

Review your vendors

There’s nothing quite like word of mouth from those who’ve gone before. How many reviews did you read when selecting a photographer or venue? Pay it forward and make the effort to write reviews for service providers you felt under-delivered or exceeded your expectations. A positive vendor review will encourage new clients, while constructive criticism will help vendors identify weaknesses and improve their services – everybody wins!

Insure the goods

Review your current home and contents insurance policy. Does it cover your wedding rings? If not, make a quick call to your insurer to discuss your options. You only have one wedding ring. The only thing more devastating than having it stolen, is not having the funds to replace it.

Enjoy the honeymoon!

You did it – you made it to the other side! You owe it to yourself and your husband to relax on your honeymoon and make the most of your time together as newlyweds before heading back to reality. Turn off your phones, leave the laptop at home, forget about Facebook for a while and just enjoy each others’ company!


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