10 signs you’re ready to propose

Getting married is a huge step. It is also one that you should not jump into unless you are completely ready to do so. Knowing the signs that you are ready to get married can help you decide it is time to take that leap. The following 10 signs will help you know that you are ready to propose.


Number 10: You are ready to settle down.

Have you begun to discover that the hectic single life is becoming more and more unappealing? Do you think that your single friends are just running from party to party with no greater intention then to “have a good time?” However, one of the most important signs that you may be ready to settle down is if you want something more. These are all classic signs that it is time to stop avoiding what you truly want: marriage.

Number 9: You want to live life with your girlfriend each and every day.

If you are contemplating marriage, chances are you have been with your significant other for quite a while and they have become extremely special and important to you. When you are out of town you find yourself wanting them there by your side and when they are away, you are anticipating their return. You only want to vacation and visit new places with them and you have reached the point where you cannot imagine life without them. If you have imagined this, chances are you are ready to take the leap into marriage and you are looking forward to the thought of it.

Number 8: You love the quirks they have.

In past relationships, you may have become annoyed with the habits of your partner. No matter if it was hair in the bathroom sink or constant shopping sprees, you just could not look past it; but with your current partner, you love all their little quirks and unique factors that make them perfect for you. This is a clear sign that you appreciate their character and would truly miss these “little things” if they were not around.

Number 7: You love their family and enjoy being around them.

If you have been with your current partner for a while, you have met each other’s parents, attended holidays, barbecues, birthdays and even less than happy events together. Your parents have embraced them and their parents have embraced you and you find that you enjoy spending time with their entire extended family. This is another clear sign that you are ready to “pop the question.”


Number 6: You know the type of ring they want.

If you find yourself seeking out the perfect ring, based on their likes, this means that you have been picking up on hints that he/she may be providing. Additionally, this process is not really a chore, but more enjoyable than you ever imagined. You may find yourself wanting to find the perfect engagement ring that truly reflects your commitment to them.

Number 5: You imagine what is going to go on during your wedding.

The idea of marriage begins to become an exciting prospect. Not only does the idea no longer scare you, but you begin to consider all of the positives that go along with getting married, such as the wedding party, friends that you have not seen for a while, dancing and the celebration that you will have.

Number 4: You begin to make financial sacrifices.

Another big sign that you may be ready to propose is when you have begun to figure out your finances and how you will afford to have a spouse. You also realize the need to give up some fun or luxuries in order to provide your spouse with the life that they deserve.


Number 3: You can imagine your future children with them; and only them.

This is a big one! While a long time ago the thought of being a parent scared you to death, now you begin to imagine what your children with this particular person will look like. Additionally, you want to have several children with them, you have thought of names and where you want to take family vacations – all signs you are ready to propose. One key here is to ensure that they are on the same page when it comes to having babies.

Number 2: You begin making long-term plans together.

When you realize that you are ready for marriage, it may be the most obvious things. If you have had discussions with your partner in regards to eventually purchasing a home, having a child, retirement or any other type of future plan, then it is only logical that you would also be planning to get married.

Number 1: You simply know that they are the ONE!

While all of the previous indicators are clear signs that it may be time to propose, there are none as important as this one. After all, this is why you are going to get married: all signs and roads lead to them in your life. You are with them for a very specific reason and you simply cannot imagine growing old with anyone else. Even thinking of other people that you have been with does not hold a candle to your current partner and you know that you will never find someone as perfect again. This means it is time to get down on one knee and pop the question.


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