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Wedding registry gift ideas for modern couples

Back in the day when our parents were married wedding gifts were pretty run-of-the-mill. There were things like crockery, glassware, pots, pans and towels. General items that a couple who has yet to... Read more

How to choose a wedding gift (the couple will actually want – and use)

Your wedding present is a token of your love and well wishes for the couple marrying and it can be as big or as small as you wish - and can afford. However, whatever its size or price, it's... Read more

Wedding Wishing Wells for modern couples

A Wedding Wishing Well is a popular choice among modern couples, and, in particular, an online Wishing Well even more so. Here are the benefits of having a Wedding Wishing Well or an online Wishing... Read more

Using technology to bust your wedding planning stress

One of the best things about technology is how it makes everyday life easier. And when it comes to wedding planning, things are no different. Want to include overseas friends and family in your... Read more

Including electronic gadgets on your wedding gift list

Wedding gift lists are changing and new items are becoming popular all the time. Right now the biggest trend is to register for electronic gadgets, so if this is something you’re planning to do,... Read more

Asking guests to purchase gifts from a gift registry

There is sometimes the perception that asking your guests for a wedding present from a gift list is greedy, especially when they have already shelled out on travel and accommodation and a new outfit... Read more

Gifts to include on a charity wedding gift registry

A charity wedding gift registry has become a popular alternative gift list for couples who feel that they have enough household items and would like to use their wedding to do something positive for... Read more

Awesome wedding gifts for your bridal registry

Remember the saying, 'If you don't ask, you don't get'? Well there's no better time to make use of this phrase than when composing your wedding list! Check out these twenty awesome wedding... Read more

Kitchen appliances as wedding gifts

When it comes to wedding gift registries, kitchen equipment is usually on top of the list. You can combine larger kitchen appliances with smaller gadgets so there is something for every budget. Here... Read more

Benefits of a wedding wine gift registry

There are several alternatives to the traditional wedding gift list emerging, and a wine gift registry is one of them. For wine enthusiasts it’s the perfect excuse to put together a list of your... Read more

Setting up a wedding gift list for the bride and the groom

While the wedding gift list used to be the bride’s domain many grooms now want an equal say in the items that make the registry. Follow our advice on setting up a wedding gift list that will keep... Read more

How does a wedding gift list work?

Wedding gift lists are new territory for most couples. They are unique to weddings and as most people only plan to tie the knot once, compiling a wedding gift registry is generally a once in a... Read more

Large wedding gifts for your registry

It’s the best part of wedding planning – putting together your gift list! While you’ll need to include plenty of small to medium presents, you can also include a few large wedding gifts for... Read more

Asking for money instead of wedding gifts

Asking for money instead of wedding gifts is a bit of a taboo subject as some couples feel it looks a bit greedy, but your guests will want to get you something you will enjoy and if that means... Read more

Deciding between wedding gift list providers

There are numerous department stores and online retailers offering wedding gift lists you might just be spoilt for choice when you’re searching for the perfect one. As with all other aspects of... Read more

A practical guide to using a bridal registry

Registering for gifts is one of the fun parts of planning a wedding. You can add all those lovely things that you really want but can’t justify buying yourself. If you’re planning to register for... Read more

Bride and groom gifts to give each other

The exchange of gifts between bride and groom is a time-honoured tradition, however, not everyone does it. There are many couples who agree that the cost of a wedding outweighs the need to give... Read more

Ten things to look for in wedding gift list providers

Registering for wedding gifts should be one of the best parts of planning a wedding, but to make the most of your gift list you need to make sure you've chosen the right wedding gift list providers.... Read more

Benefits of registering for wedding gifts

Registering for wedding gifts is now a very common practice, and many guests find it a simple way of buying a wedding present they know you’ll love. Check out the benefits of a wedding gift list... Read more

Wedding gift problems and how to solve them

Receiving wedding gifts is one of the perks of getting married, and your guests are usually only too happy to buy you something wonderful to celebrate your marriage. However, the process of wedding... Read more

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