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10 wedding send off ideas for awesome photographs

The send-off is one of the most fun and interactive parts of the wedding day. Everyone gets involved and it's rare to find someone without a smile on their face. With so much action going on, they... Read more

Your day in HQ: 5 favourites in Kent wedding photography

We here at Easy Weddings understand it can be difficult to find the right photographer to capture all the little special moments of the day. Luckily for you, we've taken the stress out of choosing!... Read more

4 London wedding photographers to capture your day

Searching for a five star wedding photographer to capture your day, but don't know where to start? Here's our favourite (top rating) London wedding photographers to kick you off. [caption... Read more

Pros and cons of an engagement photo shoot

You're engaged! It’s one of the happiest and most exciting times in your life, so it makes sense you want the world to know all about it! One way to both celebrate and share your happy news is with... Read more

9 London wedding photographers to frame your day

While wedding photographers are incredibly important to capture your special day, we understand it can be tiring to sift through every photographer until you find one that takes your fancy. To help... Read more

10 wedding photos we absolutely adore

Of the thousands of wedding photographs we see every year, some jump right off the page and poke us... Read more

15 questions to ask before booking your wedding photographer

Unless you’ve got your heart set on a particular wedding photographer, you’re going to be spoiled for choice and with so many amazing wedding photographers available because it is no easy task... Read more

Tips on using disposable wedding cameras

Your official wedding photographer is responsible for capturing all the mandatory snaps of your big day.  A trained professional, they will make sure that your photographs look gorgeous while... Read more

Purple and Yellow Wiggles marry in ‘magical’ ceremony

Emma and Lachy make their way down the aisle after exchanging vows in their wiggly wedding ceremony. Image: Lachy Gillespie via... Read more

Before and after: watch a photographer turn an ordinary wedding photo into a Star Wars masterpiece Californian photographer (and Photoshop wizard) Tanya Musgrave has given one of her clients a truly unforgettable wedding gift, turning their very... Read more

How to have an unplugged wedding ceremony

Some couples encourage guests to take photos at their wedding – providing as many perspectives of the big day as possible – while others ask their guests to unplug and leave the photography to... Read more

Ten fantastic wedding photo tips

It is easy to think that you only need to pick a wedding photographer and the package and that is all the planning required for wedding photography. But you should think about a few more things. To... Read more

What’s included in wedding photography packages?

Wedding photography packages are an easy way for photographers to cost their services, and choosing a standard package is often an easy option for couples. However, wedding photography packages can... Read more

Questions to ask your wedding photographer

You will be eager to ask your wedding photographer many questions - perhaps the main one being whether they will be able to improve upon perfection and make you and your husband more gorgeous than... Read more

Top tips for looking fabulous in your wedding photos

Your wedding photos are going to be around for a very long time. You and your parents are sure to want to frame them, there’ll be the album to flick through at every opportunity, and your children... Read more

The importance of wedding photography and videography

Your wedding will be the one day you want to talk about and reminiscence on for years to come. This is why your wedding photography and videography are a crucial part of your wedding planning. They... Read more

Quick guide to finding a wedding photographer

Your wedding photographs are lasting memories of your big day so finding a wedding photographer will often be top of your wedding to-do list. There are a lot of things to think about so start with... Read more

Booking a great wedding photographer – ten top tips

There are plenty of photographers out there eager to offer their services but it’s not an easy task to find a true professional, someone who will capture those intimate moments of your big day and... Read more

Top tips on perfect wedding photography

Your wedding photos will be the primary reminder you have of your big day and you’ll be pouring over them at every family occasion and anniversary for years to come, so it’s important you’re... Read more

Selecting a wedding photographer in four steps

Selecting a wedding photographer is a crucial step in wedding planning as the images that they capture on your special day will be with you forever. Here are four steps to selecting a wedding... Read more

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