10 of the best wedding photographers in Dorset

In England’s southwest, lies the coastal county of Dorset. With stunning coastlines and sandy beaches, Dorset is the perfect place to tie the knot. For those wow factor wedding photos, here are 10 of the best wedding photographers in Dorset.

Kevin Wilson Photography

Are you looking for an award-winning photographer to take your wedding snaps? Then look no further, Kevin Wilson is your man. With 17 photography awards to his name, Kevin’s work is not to be missed. His style has a true artistic flair, with gorgeous colours and stunning compositions. If you and your spouse-to-be are artistic souls, then you’ll love what Kevin has to offer.

Camilla Arnhold Photography

Camilla Arnhold’s style is very pretty, feminine and dreamy. Her style is reminiscent of painters like Botticelli, with true romanticism and a wistful colour palate. Camilla is able to achieve such a beautiful colour palette with her dedication to natural light. She loves using natural light, she swoons for it and her love for it shows in her photography. Imagine all of your beautiful moments from your wedding captured in dreamy lighting. Imagine your love for your partner reflected in your wedding photographer’s flawless style. It sounds pretty good, right? Make sure to take a look at Camilla’s lovely portfolio. You won’t be disappointed.

Charlotte Bryer-Ash Photography

Photographers like Charlotte are hard to come by. Her style is classic, yet modern. She’s able to take the elements from wedding photography that was popular 20 years ago and bring it into the now. Not many photographers who work in this style are able to do this and their work ends up looking dated. Charlotte’s work has all the classic elements to it: beautiful vibrant colours, perfect composition and a lot of joy and love radiating from each image. With extensive experience photographing couples in her home county, Dorset, give Charlotte a ring for your wedding photography needs.

Ben Pipe

If wedding photography to you means having a wow factor, then you’ll be enamoured by the work of Ben Pipe. He works in a reportage style, which allows for him to have a lot of lovely natural images in his portfolio. Alongside this, he works with dramatic compositions and backdrops to give his clients photos that will make their jaws drop. Imagine you and your partner standing on one of Dorset’s coastal cliffs, in front of one of Dorset’s castles or forts or in front of a dark, moonlit sky on the beach. It sounds pretty majestic, doesn’t it? If this sounds like your cup of tea, then make sure to call Ben for your wedding photography.

Hand in Hand Weddings

James McMillan is the award-winning photographer behind Hand in Hand Weddings. With over 30 years of photography experience, James’ portfolio is not to be missed. James is all about capturing your story as it flows on your wedding day. This means he primarily works in a documentary style of photography for a collection of natural and uninterrupted photos. His colours are light and clean, with the perfect amount of vibrancy. With a versatile pricing structure and a range of packages to suit your individual needs, James simply must be considered as your wedding photographer.

Linus Moran Photography

Linus Moran has a beautiful vision. He wants to capture your unique story as it comes on your wedding day. His style is unobtrusive, easy-going and flows naturally with you as the day unfolds. Linus’ work is rich in emotion. He’s able to capture those treasured romantic moments alongside the joyful, laughing, smiley, happy moments too. Linus’ work has subtle vintage tones and dreamy notes, making for divine imagery that you’ll fall in love with.

Simpson Photography

The two photographers behind the lens at Simpson Photography are husband and wife team, Debra and Paul. These two love to keep to the sidelines and provide completely unobtrusive and undirected photography. Unless you ask them for a handful of posed group shots, which they’ll happily do, then these two will remain out of the way and get to work capturing every magic moment from your big day. With a timeless style of rich and vibrant colour and simple yet lovely composition, these two should definitely be considered as your photographers.

The Perfect Portrait Co

The team at the Perfect Portrait Co are adamant about high quality photography and professionalism. If this is what you’re primarily looking for from your photographer, then you won’t be disappointed with this team’s work ethic. As the name suggests, this team takes a mean portrait. They love to get in close and display the natural beauty of all their clients. But they also are great at taking those all-important far away shots so that you’ll be left with a varied and beautiful collection of images that you’ll treasure for years to come.

One Thousand Words Photography

The team at One Thousand Words Photography are Tom Wishart and Rosemary Scott. This team have a true creative and artistic style that is easy to love. These two are not committed to one way of working over any other. They like to keep things interesting by doing some images in landscape and some in portrait, some posed and some candid, so that you end up with a beautiful and varied selection of images. These two have the perfect personalities for wedding photography as well. They are friendly, kind and only want the best for your wedding day photography. For lush colours, dreamy compositions and astounding quality, this team will be perfect for you.

Jon Harper Wedding Photography

Jon believes that all wedding photographs should be unique to each customer and should reflect who they are as a couple. This is why he is perfect as a wedding photographer. He’ll speak to your unique vision and always give you what you’re looking for. If you want a true professional, then you really can’t go past Jon.

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