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/Updated on: March 24, 2022

Brent NIcholls with wedding gown designers Ines Colosimo and Mario Croce from Meet the Frockers

What do you do at Easy Weddings?

I am Easy Weddings’ Premium Account Manager and my role is to handle all of our premium clients while also providing a great customer experience.

What did you do before you joined Easy Weddings?

I have worked predominantly in the digital space for the past eight years in a variety of roles.

I started as an Account Manager for Yellow Pages when they were transitioning to becoming a digitally-led business. Then I moved into digital coaching and management roles.

When I moved on from Yellow last year, I was working in their social media team and worked with companies such as Facebook and LinkedIn to develop products to help small businesses excel.

From there, I worked in golf as the National Sales and Marketing Manager for a golf hardware company. Yes, I am a tragic golfer – and proud of it!

What are the three most common questions you hear from EW clients?

How can I get more bookings?
Getting more bookings through digital is all about getting the right information, in the right places, so that brides choose you over your competition.

This can be achieved many ways but if you keep that principle front of mind, you can always get more bookings.

Always ask yourself, “can brides find me?; Will my ad/website/listing appeal to them?; And will my ad/website/listing turn that “click” into a customer?”
Is social media worthwhile?
In my opinion social media is definitely worthwhile, especially in the wedding industry. With our market being avid social media users we have an opportunity to communicate with them where they like to spend their time online.

Social media is like word of mouth online, and when done well can help you to create a community of loyal and engaged customers.
What can I do to improve my website?
In my experience most website’s can be improved. The major opportunities to improve that I see regularly are:
– Too much text, not enough images (and fantastic images at that!)
– Websites that aren’t mobile friendly or optimised. Remember almost half of searches are made on a mobile or table now.
– Websites that aren’t very simple to navigate and don’t encourage a bride to call you (that is the point of a website, isn’t it?).

What three tips for maintaining your EW profiles?

As we have just launched our fantastic new site, you now have the option to include up to 100 images, so make sure to add as many images as you can and please try to ensure they are quality images!

You also have the ability to add up to 10 videos. Brides love videos, so be sure to take advantage of that and set yourself apart.

Finally, ensure your thumbnail pic is eye-catching.

Remember brides are making quick decision about whether or not to click in you, so make sure you are catching their attention.

Maintaining a modern, fresh website, including relevant information on their profile page, updating their images, and asking for reviews!

Many suppliers do not realize that we are always here for them, and we love catching up with them and helping them improve their business.

What do you like best about working at EW?

The thing I enjoy most is that our products make a significant impact on a lot of our clients’ businesses and bottom lines.

This makes it an absolute pleasure to go out, meet with clients and help their businesses grow.

The whole Easy Weddings team are fantastic and when I’m not with my clients, they are a pleasure to be around.

What’s something fun we don’t know about you?

Last year my wife and I had our 15 minutes of fame on a wedding show called “Meet The Frockers”. It is a show that follows the making of a dress and we were filmed at places like the Queen Vic Markets.

People thought I was famous for about 10 minutes which was a bit of fun.

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