If you’re not invited to my wedding, it’s because…

If you're not invited to my wedding, it's because...

A recent social media post by an overly forthright bride telling her Facebook friends and family why they’re NOT invited to her wedding has gone viral after one of the recipients, Reddit user Sea_Basstian, shared the post outside of Facebook.

If you're not invited to my wedding, it's because...

The bride-to-be says her list of seven deadly sins, all potential reasons why people won’t be receiving an invitation to her wedding, were created “so no one gets butt hurt.”

She goes on to say: “If you do not get an invite here is a list of potential reasons why.”

Sea_Basstian posted the image with the heading: Looks like I am not going to be invited to this wedding. We’re guessing he/she is right!

Among the bride’s many reasons for holding back on an invitation is that “you are just a work acquaintance and I have never hung out with you outside of work” and, reason No.6, “If your [sic] only going to show up for the food and alcohol and really have no interest other than that.”

However, the very frank list is polarising onliners, who seem to be an almost even mix of those believing the list is perfectly acceptable, if not a little gauche and lacking in grammar, and those who believe it is unequivocally inappropriate and disrespectful.

The post comes just a few weeks after another bride’s email, outlining her demands to her bridesmaids, went viral.

What do you think? Is the post rude but correct or just plain rude?

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