YAY! A special gift for me and it's not even my birthday!

Even my Ao Dai outfit is blinging!

I had such a nice surprise waiting for me at my in-laws place the other night.

Phuong’s Aunty had gifted me with the material I needed for the all important “Tea Ceremony” outfit

The Tea Ceremony is a Vietnamese tradition. It’s also something I am extremely excited about.

Let me explain the picture to you first.

The round thing you see is actually a headpiece that is worn like a hat.

To the very left side is the material for the outer jacket of the outfit.

The material on the right & under the headpiece is for the pants & upper tunic.

Ao Dai outfits can be worn for many occasions, so are not just restricted to wedding events.

I’ve worn an Ao Dai before and they ALWAYS make me feel SO feminine

The wedding Ao Dai’s can come in many colours, but the main being RED and GOLD

Red color representing Luck and the Gold representing wealth.

I’m hoping that the end result is something similar to the Ao Dai style in this picture.

I’ve already got my seamstress picked for the job and I’m sure she’ll work magic with this outfit!

A Traditional Vietnamese Wedding Ao Dai. Just beautiful, isn't it!

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