Three months to go – and the countdown begins.

He says

It’s ramping up alright, and my lovely bride-to-be is all over everything.

I’m chipping in on the music side of things and there are a couple of home projects for some decorative items that I am trying to nut out and achieve the exact effect we’re after.


Mr & Mrs forks!

Aside from that, I’m here to help Jess finalise the last lot of decisions.

After so many months, all our planning is definitely on track and it’s a huge relief.

All of the main elements are all sorted and, of course, there is the fiscal side of some of these items that we will have to monitor quite closely.

It’s pretty easy to lose track of all of the separate things we have organised along the way: deposits, emails, follow-up meeting, paperwork to fill out etc.

But, luckily, everyone we have worked with so far (aside from a couple of frustrating hiccups with some online orders) has been organised and helpful, which makes the planning that much easier.

She Says

Don’t sweat the small stuff, right? Well, this is where I thrive; the small details are my fav!

We worked hard early on to get the major items locked in i.e. venue, celebrant, car, photographer, videographer etc. etc. oh and of course the dress!!

But it is the small details that I just love and I have thoroughly enjoyed stalking wedding websites getting ideas of the finer details. I have spent countless hours on the internet ordering Mr & Mrs forks, bridesmaid gifts, bridesmaid dresses, shoe clips, hair clips, tie clips, mini glass vases, cake stands, tags, the list goes on…

Ordering online has been a lifesaver. Besides shopping for my wedding dress and the groom(smen) outfits, I have barely left the couch and laptop.

forks 2

I had these made with our dates for Jared and I for the wedding day.

With a busy lifestyle, being able to shop for wedding paraphernalia at 10:30 at night has been a lifesaver! And, because I get everything delivered to work, my teammates have started to keep a register on the white board of all “Jess’ presents!” (As long as Jared doesn’t see, I might be ok!).

But, you need to be careful when it comes to buying items for your wedding online and, as we all know, with the good generally always comes the bad.

You really need to research who you are buying from and make sure it is secure and safe. I thought I was getting a fabulous deal on some place cards which were purchased from a U.S based website, but they never arrived 🙁

It’s why sites like Easy Weddings are so great, especially since I can read reviews of any suppliers I purchase items from.

I lodged a claim with PayPal, but due to time limits on buyer complaints,  they were unable to process my claim and I just had to ‘suck it up!’.

Ordering on line is great, but definitely keep that old saying in mind: Buyer beware!

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