Would you wear your fiance’s ex’s ring?

This bride to be has been left in QUITE the awkward situation. Her fiance is excited to finally be able to use the veil, dress and ring that he purchased for his ex, who cheated on him and left him. But she is less than excited about the prospect of wearing someone else’s wedding outfit.

Here’s what this anonymous B2B wrote on a forum:

“Hello, after dating for 4 years my boyfriend (now fiancé) and I am planning to get married. However, there is something that’s been bothering me for awhile now.

Before I get into the details, I want to mention that I am not picky about the size and cost of symbolic items.

My fiancé was cheated on by his ex-fiancé, who left him with a lot of debt over mortgage and unpaid credit card bills, which ultimately broke off their relationship. Because their wedding was so close, unfortunately he had purchased her wedding ring and dress/veil.

She’s now history and I have no qualms with her, but my fiancé is excited to have her dress/veil/ring back into use.

I, however, is unsure if I could wear his ex’s choice of outfit without any regrets. My mother was never present in my life so I’m at a loss on who to talk to about this problem. I am from a rather upper class family and my father has stepped up to buy my dress and veil without having me ask him. But this still leaves me with the ring.

I understand wedding rings are expensive and because my fiancé is barely scraping by I’m afraid to ask him I’d rather not wear the ring.

There is no problem with our relationship and this isn’t a deal breaker for me. But it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I want to resolve this without turning it into a tantrum fit.

Am I overreacting with this? I’m not really looking for comfort but I honestly have no clue about the standards of weddings.”

WHOA, hold up. He could totally SELL the dress, veil, and ring and buy new ones. Why does he not realize that every woman is different and has different tastes? I am SHOOK. He sounds pretty unaware for societal norms.

How would you feel if your spouse to be wanted you to wear their ex’s hand-me-downs at your wedding, or in the case of the ring… for the rest of your life?

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