Would you share your wedding day with another bride?

two sisters marry on the same day It started as a bit of a joke between sisters – but ended with English siblings Gabby and Ellen Byrnes walking down the aisle together.

“We just joked, how funny would it be to have our weddings together and it all blossomed from there,” Gabby told The Daily Telegraph.

Gabby, 26, has been seeing her beau, Gavin, for several years, while big sis Ellen, 29, had been engaged to Chris, her long-time boyfriend and father of their son, Patrick, for some time.

So, when Gavin proposed to Gabby, well, the sisters started joking how fun it would be to have a double wedding – and how much time, trouble and money they could save. Naturally, the joke snowballed into the real thing.

“There was a lot of discussions mostly because all of the decisions had to be made by four people and not just two,”said Gabby. “It has been hard but it’s been rewarding at the same time, it’s a good feeling when a decision has been made.”

Of course, decisions are harder when four people are invovled, but it worked out well and both girls had the day of their dreams.

The Daily Telegraph reports the girls’ mother Margo burst into tears when hubby Steve walked both his daughters down the aisle – one on each arm.

“He’s a very, very proud dad,” said Margo. “It was fabulous, just fabulous. Even with all the planning I thought something would go awry but it all worked like a charm, it was just beautiful.”

Could or would you share your big day with another bride?

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