Words from the heart: 10 ideas for engraving your wedding rings

10 great ways to engrave your wedding rings

Your wedding ring is something that stays with you, hopefully for life. So, if you want to truly personalise it, consider engraving a message of love, a line from your favourite ‘us’ song or even just your wedding date.

Whatever wording you chose to record on your rings, remember to consider what font will suit the style of the rings, as well as how big you wish the letters and numerals to be.

The rest is up to your imagination – and your heart.

Your initials

You can’t go wrong with simply engraving your wedding rings with your initials and those of your new spouse. The only decisions to make is whose initials go first and, of course, whether the bride will use her pre-wedding initials or those of her new name.

Bride’s name

Many grooms choose to inscribe their future bride’s ring with her initials. Again, you’ll need to know firmly whether the bride-to-be will be keeping her maiden name or changing them.

Groom’s name

This notion of engraving the wearer’s wedding ring with their initials is also popular with brides looking to personalise their husband-to-be’s new wedding bands.


Most of us have a nickname for our loved ones that only we use. This is a truly unique way of personalising your new spouse’s wedding ring with a term of endearment that belongs just to you and your partner. It’s also less formal than the person’s proper name, which may not be what they are called by you or their other loved ones. For example, a groom named Robert may rarely be called Robert, preferring instead to be known as Bobby. Engraving his ring with Robert, especially if it’s not even something you call him, may be odd! After all, he may prefer to be called Pumpkin or Shnookums over Robert!

Declarations of love

For a more personal engraving suggestion, you could use your own made-up declaration of love. Since wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of love and solidarity, your quote should reflect your sentiment for your partner.

Wording for your wedding ring engraving

Bible verses

For more traditional couples, a love-related bible verse may be the perfect fit. There are many passages in the Bible that speak of love and marriage and a quick flick through the Good Book (or Google) will return something relevant. If you are having trouble ask a church-going friend or family member or even your parish priest, if you have one.

Foreign languages

Many couples who have deep roots in a foreign land choose to use their native language – or a language they love – to express their feelings for one another. Personalizing your engraving with a nod to the past, is a great way to show a respect for where you and your significant other came from. Be sure to get the proper translation of the phrase you are using to avoid any embarrassment, especially if your language of choice is not written in a Romanised script!

Song lyrics

Most couples have a special song that is ‘their song’, perhaps something that always reminds them of the good times they have experienced together. Engraving your ring with your favourite phrase from this song will provide a life-long reminder of your song – and the sentiment it holds for you and your spouse.

Romantic phrase

If you don’t want anything fancy (or simply can’t think of anything suitable), you could always opt for engraving those Three Little Words, ‘I Love You’ or something like ‘Always’, both of which are popular inscriptions. It’s simple and straight to the point.

Humor and in-jokes

Good humour and the ability to laugh are important in most relationships, so fun-loving couples may wish to opt for a funny inscription. Engraving a line from an in-joke or a line from your partner’s favourite (and probably corniest) punch line, can be a great reminder that your laughs should last for a lifetime.

Whichever option you prefer, engraving your wedding band provides a heart-felt means of personalising your precious wedding ring, but keep in mind that it is difficult (if not impossible) to change the wording you choose, so think long and hard about what to inscribe before putting in the order to do so.

Your jeweller or engraver will provide sage advice on font types and letter sizes, so heed it – but when it comes to the actual words, go with your heart.

Did you have your wedding ring engraved? What wording did you use and why?

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