Why is he so involved in the wedding?

Since two people are involved in a wedding, Kate and Donald believe both should be fully involved!

A wedding consists of two people, but most of the planning is usually left up mostly to one person in the relationship. We’re doing things differently, we’re both having an equal say in most of the wedding and it is working out great!

He Says

It took me by quite a surprise to be told recently, that I am more involved in the wedding arrangements than most guys apparently. Apart from the brides dress (which is meant to be kept secret), I have been a part of everything that has and will be arranged. We decided fairly early on, that we wanted to keep to a budget of about $20,000 which meant not getting a professional wedding planner to arrange everything, and I naturally like to help with things. Because of this I have managed to sneak my way into virtually all of the decisions.

I want Kate to have the best day possible, and the easiest way to try and ensure this is by being there every step of the way, that way we can check over each other and make sure we don’t miss anything. After all, two heads are definitely better than one, especially when they are in sync Kate’s not a bridezilla, maybe closer to the date she will become a little more stressed out, but we are both fairly laid back people (which doesn’t mean we are lazy!) and we both have similar tastes and interests.

The only part of the wedding which I have really tried to push is to use an older and more traditional (or gothic) style of church. I like the idea of the big old organ, the stained glass windows and the non-boring front. I find old architecture more appealing when it comes to aesthetics and being photogenic.

She Says

Bridezilla hasn’t kicked in yet, so for now he has an equal say in everything 😛 Nah, from the beginning I have wanted us both to be involved in the wedding. It’s not just my special day, it’s his as well, although most girls just think that it is all about them on the day.

I wanted us to do everything 50/50 for the wedding, and I wanted us to come up with the final decisions on everything as a couple. It’s been really good working in a team together as I believe that by planning the wedding together, we get a really good sense of how well we can communicate and problem solve as a couple. If we can’t plan a wedding together, then what are the odds of the marriage not working out?

To me, both the girls and guys opinions are as important as each other.

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