Why can't my bride just have bed hair? It suits me!

Church Interior

North Adelaide Baptist Church

Things are progressing nicely… We think! We have a church, and the next big step is the cars. Then we can start aiming towards the honeymoon. Hopefully we haven’t left anything too late!

He Says

Phew, we finally have a church! After contacting lots of churches to find out that most of them have some really silly rules or outrageous prices, we managed to find a church which is cheap, looks nice and is friendly 😀

I can’t believe some of the rules the churches and ministers have. Some have been; no photography during the ceremony, you must use the minister provided, you must be of the same religion of the church. Could you imagine a wedding without photos?!

That would be like missing the birth of your first kid!

Anyway, I’m really happy with the church we chose, they allow us to do anything we want, we can take photos, use our own minister and they aren’t expensive. The only catch is that an adjacent building has ballet practice every Saturday and we have been warned that if it is quiet in the church, we might hear some classical piano music. We went by about 12pm on several different Saturdays and we couldn’t hear a thing from outside, which means it would be just as quiet in the church 🙂

And on that note, we booked the church!

Now that we have a church, we can also start sorting out some of the cars a bit more. Kate was originally looking at something like an old Mark V Jaguar or a Bentley, but is now looking more towards the Chevy or Impala.

I still haven’t been able to get her to convert to the 351 GT, but I suppose that’s not really a wedding car. I can keep trying though 😉 Personally I’m getting fond of the Chevy, it’s just a really nice looking car and comes in both the convertible and the hard top, but we tried booking them from one place, only to find out that they are all booked out already! We’re picking the cars solely on looks because we want them to be photogenic, we don’t really care what it has under the hood, it could have a custom supercharged big-block, but that wouldn’t make it look good! The Jaguars are a bit plain, but do look traditional. The Impalas look more like your everyday old school driver, but the Chevy looks very stylish and has caught both our eye. So fingers crossed, we are going to take a look at them soon!

On a totally side note (for me anyway), Kate has run into a little bit of trouble with her hair dresser.

She had booked her hair dresser already, but now she has gotten pregnant and had a baby, so we are not sure if she is still working at all. She appears to have sold her shop and Kate hasn’t been able to get into contact with her. Luckily a couple of Kate’s friends have already made some suggestions, and I trust the opinion of these friends so we are going to get Kate to try them both out. Kate’s hair however is another one of those things I am not allowed to know! I say she should just do what I do and jump out of bed and consider her hair done. I guess that’s the advantage of being male and having short hair 😀

She Says

We left the church picking a little late, but we finally decided on a beautiful old-style church.

We put a deposit down just the other day and while we were supposed to have it done by February, we finally got it done although we are now in June. The pews in the church are unique; they go on an incline up from the ‘stage’ to the doors and the pews circle around the ‘stage’. This way everyone in the church can see clearly and also gives a great view from up the top that stands out from anything we have seen before and I think it looks really cool! When we went and had a look at the church, all I could think of was the photos that could be taken, the stained glass windows, the front steps, and the giant organ at the front.

What is even better is the people who look after the church are really friendly and easy going.

The hairdresser had been ticked off, but then she got pregnant and now her shop has changed owners! I have been going to the same hairdresser for quite a few years and as soon as I became engaged, I asked her to be my hair dresser for the wedding and it was all booked since setting a date for the wedding. I’ve been going there every 6 weeks to get a trim so that my hair would grow longer for the wedding but then 14 months later, she became pregnant and just had the baby.

I am not sure what happened, but now her shop has changed owners, which means I have 231 days to find a new hair dresser to try out while comparing prices. The hunt for a new hair dresser has begun! Any suggestions people? 😉

So we have 7 and a half months until the wedding and I’m starting to think we may have left picking the cars a little late. I’ve been looking around on the internet for cars and all the ones that gave quotes required knowing a lot of information which we just didn’t have until we picked the church.

This helped me get my butt into gear for the church, because not having a church soon could have meant not getting any cars! But now we can focus on the cars and hopefully find something nice. I don’t know a single thing about cars so I’m going to leave this one mostly to Donald who can then check them off with me as to whether or not I like the look of them. I emailed one car company and they were available at the time of their response, but I then gave them a ring to go and see the cars, and they had already booked them out. 🙁 I felt really bad about that and thought it might have been too late. I got a phone call from one place though the other day and we have arranged to go and see their cars in a few days.

So are things on track? I have the church booked, so I think things are going as planned for the wedding. I want to get as much done as soon as possible because knowing me, I will start stressing in the upcoming months if things aren’t done. I have been slightly stressed lately starting to look for wedding cars, because lots of them were booked already! I kept thinking to myself that I wouldn’t get any cars because I left them too late. My stress level shot from about 10% to 90% in a couple of days, but I think we have found some cars we like which are available, so my stress level has dropped back a bit. The next really big thing to plan will be the honeymoon followed by lots of little things. This is something I have dreamt of my whole life and I am so lucky to be marrying my beautiful man.

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