Where have all the cheap bridesmaids dresses gone?

Bridesmaids dresses
We’ve gone out on a  limb this week and ordered our bridesmaids dresses online, based only on a photo we have seen. Fingers crossed they turn out!

He Says

The bridesmaid’s dresses are a recent decision; we ordered them just two weeks ago. Because we are trying to stick to a budget, we decided to use eBay as a tool for finding different styles of dresses, and if we found something we liked, we could then order one as a test dress for cheap.

Kate spent quite a few hours with her bridal party going through different types of dresses and colours before showing them to me and getting my opinion. We all eventually decided on one dress, and we thought to ourselves, it’s cheap, the seller has lots of really positive comments from buyers, what would happen if we ordered them all straight from eBay?

Kate asked some people who she knew had used dresses from eBay, who each said that they had turned out well, so we contacted the seller and were able to save 1/5th of the price if we ordered three or more.

We currently have our fingers crossed that they turn out nice. If not, Kate’s friends mum has offered to do alterations if need be which is nice of her. That’s one thing that being male, I haven’t been taught how to do 😉

She Says

Looking in the shops earlier in the year with one of my bridesmaids, we came to notice just how expensive dresses were going to be, so we decided to take a look on eBay to get an idea of what type of dresses I wanted the bridesmaids to wear.

After a little bit of looking I found one dress that I absolutely fell in love with, thinking that it would complement my wedding dress nicely. I got all of the bridesmaids involved to get their opinions and then we all decided we would take the chance and order them straight off of eBay. It took me a week to make the decision though!

In the end I decided on a baby pink colour for the dresses, which have since been paid for and now I am stuck playing the waiting game to find out what the dresses turn out like. I’m really nervous and am not sure if I am going to like them anymore. On the other hand, I’m also really excited to see them! In the off chance they don’t turn out as nice as I like, I deliberately ordered them early so I have time to go to the shops and pick out new ones. I don’t like playing the waiting game!

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