What is a microwedding?

A recent trend has come up in weddings that we thought was interesting- the “microwedding”! Learn all about what a microwedding is and what the benefits of holding one for yourself could be here:

So what is a microwedding? A microwedding isn’t an elopement- a celebration with just witnesses, it’s more like a small wedding with about 50 or less people. These microweddings are becoming more and more popular due to couples wanting an option in between a big white wedding and eloping.

More venue options

A microwedding is exactly that- a small wedding.  This can open up your venue options to a bar or any other smaller establishment! The plus is, most wedding venues cater to these smaller events anyway, so you still have a chance at securing your dream venue. Just enquire through Easy Weddings and see what they can do for you.

Save money vs go luxe

If you wanted to spend less on catering, alcohol, and cake, it makes sense to have fewer people. But also, you could spend the same amount as a larger wedding but make it a much more lavish and luxury experience for your guests. Whether that means providing transport for them, paying for their hotels, offering welcome baskets or treating them to a recovery party the next day- all of these touches can help take your celebration to the next level. You can still get that dream wedding of yours will all of the trimmings, flowers everywhere and amazing food and drink, just with fewer guests there.

More time

One of the other things that make a larger wedding a bit more difficult is finding time with all of your guests, and sometimes you simply can’t do more than greet each of them. One way to combat this is themicrowedding- you will have more time with the minimal guests you chose to invite, which are most likely to be the most important people in your life. It also gives you more time to enjoy the food, the amazing entertainment and all of the little elements that make up your perfect day.

Wedfest potential

Another great pro for microweddings is that it could quite easily transform into a wedfest (or wedding festival), where your guests stay on site with you at the

venue after the wedding.

Find the perfect venue for your microwedding (or regular wedding) here!

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