What guests love and hate about weddings

American Express recently did some research into which aspects of the wedding are most important to your guests. And the results aren’t all that surprising. Most importantly, was knowing some other guests in order to feel comfortable at the wedding. And right at the end of the list was having favours or goody bags to take home. In most cases, if the venue and food impress, then you don’t even need to give them a plus one! Here were the results of what is most and least important to wedding guests:

Photographer: Maria Shiriaeva Photography

The 5 most important aspects to wedding guests satisfaction are:

1. Knowing other guests (described as important by 44% of survey participants)

2. Good weather (42%) Obviously you can’t control this one, but it does make sense!
3. How well they know the bride/groom (41%)
4. The venue (38%) This one you can ensure is easily accessible and has all the bells and whistles to ensure your guests are looked after.
5. The catering (37%) Yum! Make sure there is good food, and plenty of it!

wedding guests

Photos courtesy of Latzo Wedding Photography.

And the 5 least important aspects:

1. Favours/goody bags (described as important by 5% of survey participants)
2. The speeches (10%) Make sure these don’t go too long or you may have some issues on your hands.
3. Being able to bring children (10%) Of course this one only applies to parents. You can make this easier by
4. Being able to bring a plus one (13%)
5. Meeting new people (13%)

Photos courtesy of Latzo Wedding Photography.

Most importantly, you must remember that this day is for you, not your guests. So if you want wedding favours, then all guests will see that as a bonus. If it rains or hails, you can’t control that. But making sure everyone is well fed is always a good start when hosting a wedding!

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